The best dog tracker in the market – the 10 top pet tracking devices

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3 Responses

  1. I bought a Whistle GPS for my jackrussel and it’s worked amazing well for me. Not only do I love it’s features I know it’s reliable coz a few times my jack has disappeared of my site and I have been able to locate her on my phone app, it’s pin point accurate. Best of all, it helps my set jacks goal so I know he is keeping fit and I can measure his goals coz I tend to overfeed him, don’t want him growing fat.

  2. I love my pet gadgets. I have 3 dogs and previously I used pod 2. However, when the pod 3 came out I was so chuffed and had to get it as well. If you use pod 3 you won’t want or need any other dog tracker…it can be easily used for other pets like cats. Packed full of features you won’t be disappointed. I happily recommend it to all my friends who have dogs.

  3. The fox club says:

    Great article mate. I have the SportDOG Tek 2.0 Tracker and it’s as you describe it. I let my dogs stroll through woods on our walks and I don’t have to worry about them as I can see them on the GPS.