The name can give you a clue where Saint Berdoodle came from. It is a crossbreed of Saint Bernard and Poodle. Importantly it is known for some of its great characteristics, for instance, loyal, intelligent, and friendly, and a great family companion.

In addition, it is known by other names such as St. Berdoodle, St. Berpoo, and Saint Berpoo. Clearly, this is a dog that one would like to own as it is a designer dog. Notably, their popularity and breeding have increased due to their friendly nature and companionship.

 Key Breed Facts

  • Curious and sometimes can be temperamental
  • Weight 110-200 pound
  • Height 24- 30 inches
  • The lifespan of 10-12 years.
  • A lovable and affectionate dog
  • Have massive frame when big
  • Intelligent, social and will charm you in an instant
  • Best suited with families with yards and older children
  • Wonderful personality, people-oriented and can make good therapy and service dogs
  • Have a fluffy teddy bear look

Breed Characteristics

  • Large dog breed
  • Has a dense wavy coat
  • Weight can reach 80kg
  • Sweet dogs and does well with children and other pets
  • Height 60-76cm
  • Most inherit their parent big head.
  • Fur color shade can be brown and white or red and white

Breed Highlights

  • A people-oriented breed
  • Affection and love peoples company doesn’t like to be left alone
  • A charmer and bring joy everywhere it goes
  • Tolerant breed and great with children and other pets
  • Gentle but when with children supervise them due to their large size
  • Can act as a guard dog as they become territorial, early socialization is recommended
  • Intelligent and loves to learn new things
  • Gentle and easy to train
  • Good family pets due to affectionate nature
  • Low shedding breed hence require minimum grooming


The exact history of Saint Berdoodle is not known. Despite this, it is said that one of its parent, St Bernard originated from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland and were working dogs.

Saint Berdoodle has gain popularity as they bring joy everywhere they go. Not only are they affectionate but also a great companion for families leading to more breeding of them.

To start with, Saint Berdoodle dog is a mixed breed of cross-breeding between Saint Bernard and Standard Poodle. Both Parent dog breeds have great traits that are brought out in the hybrid and attract many dog owners.

Particularly, the poodle is intelligent and has a low shedding coat while the Saint Bernard breed is friendly and calm.

History of Saint Berdoodle

The designer dogs craze started in the 1980s and its origin is unknown and no one is certain when the Saint Berdoodle was the first breed. It may have occurred by accident while breeding different dog breeds.

Many breeders could cross breed poodles with other dog breeds to get the best breeds and that could have been the time the Saint Berdoodle was accidentally bred.

Although it is not known the exact time the designer dog was bred, its lineage dates back to the 17the Century. The hybrid was first bred in the USA as well as St Bernard was first inducted in the American Kennel Club in 1885.

This dog breed notably shares similar characteristics with the standard poodle as it is friendly, outgoing, and calm.

Unquestionably, Saint Berdoodle is recognized as a first-generation hybrid as it originates from two purebred parents. Apart from this, this dog breed is said to be healthy but no guarantees are given.

You can also find a Saint Berdoodle dog from multigenerational crossbreeding which is known as second-generation Saint Berdoodle. All along this has been done to produce a more uniform standard of the breed that can be recognized. Until it meets the given official breed status it has many years to be recognized by bodies like American Kennel Club.

It gained popularity but not yet recognized due to its mixed-breed status. When buying one check how reputable the breeder is, check the papers and parents of the breed to get a healthy Saint Berdoodle.


If you want a large dog breed? Get a Saint Berdoodle. Being a mixed breed from Saint Bernard which is a large breed, and a poodle it has muscular features.

Apart from this, it is deep-chested, has a large round head, deep almond eyes, and a black nose.

Saint Berdoodle Different Colour Coats

The breed coat is wavy to curly and can be medium or long in length. Has floppy ears and if not well-groomed can suffer ear infection as the fur around the ears may hinder enough air circulation into the ear.

Due to their wavy long coat, they adapt well to cold environments as their coats keep them warm during winter. Being breeds with low shedding it is easy to care for them and will only require occasional grooming in many cases.

Most Saint Berdoodle weighs between 110 to 200 pounds and height 24-30 inches making the large breeds which are muscular.

Recognized in various color forms, of which variations of white and red, black and white, apricot, fawn, or in combination.


Saint Berdoodle is known to be gentle, friendly, calm, and loyal to their family, and can act protective. Moreover, early socialization is needed to train them on how to handle strangers and new family members.

Even with their giant frame they are calm and laid back dogs and bring joy everywhere they go. Also, their love to be around people doesn’t allow them to be left alone for prolong hours as they can suffer separation anxiety. Nonetheless, Saint Berdoodle can be playful as well as lazy, you will find one time it is interested in going for a walk and other times wants to rest and take a nap.

Despite, being a large breed they have a high level and tolerance and gentle with children and other pets.  Subsequently, supervise your children when with the dog to prevent any accidents as well as socialize it as early as possible.

This is a dog breed that will be loyal and act territorial making it come out as guard dog. This can be managed through training from an early age.


Saint Berdoodle is an intelligent breed and is able to grasp training very fast.

Furthermore, use rewards like a treat, praise, and positive reinforcement instead of punishment while training.

This is a breed that is easy to train, ensure to make training sessions fun and short to avoid boredom.

Early socialization, obedience training, and basic command training will enhance their great characteristics of being affectionate with a quiet disposition making them great pets.

Train them how to handle separation anxiety, toilet training, and basic commands and to get along with other pets and family members for an easy transition.

Not only, does this breed have an eager to please personality but also loves to perform any task requested by him.

Children and Other Pets

St Berdoodle is amazing people of any age even with kids and others pets. Great for indoor and outdoor activities as they love being around people.

Particularly, they make great pets as they are intelligent, affectionate, laid back, and always bring joy to the people around them.

Following this due to their large body frame it is good to supervise your children when playing with them.

Moreover, they co-exist with small pets especially if early socialization has been done.


This is a dog breed that is considered healthy as it is a mixed breed of pure parent breed even though it is not guaranteed.  It is affected mostly by bloat, epilepsy, heart diseases, joint dysplasia, and allergies.

Apart from this, they are prone to skin problems, Cushing’s, patellar luxation, Addison’s and eye problems.

It is good to have pet insurance to take care of expensive medical bills due to preventable diseases or emergencies.

Average annual medical expenses may range from £500-£700.

Get a leash to walk your dog and for any health issues have regular vet checkups to detect any issue early.

Regardless of health issues being passed down from the parents buy from a reputable breeder and check the medical history of the parents to see the health status of your puppy.


Easy to groom as they are low shedding and have short coats. In case you need to bathe them use a well-formulated shampoo for canines and rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.

With wavy and curvy coat the breed may require daily brushing with a good brush or comb to remove hair tangles, mattings and debris caught by the fur. Combing is an important step in removing mites and keeping the coat in good condition.

This breed can suffer from ear infection hence when taking to the vet let him be checked for ear mites and infection. Especially if you see him scratching his ears, shaking the head or becomes irritated which can be some of the signs.

Additionally, try to maintain short nails to avoid any injuries and allow your dog to walk comfortably. You can use a good nail trimmer at home or go to a groomer to be professionally done.

To avoid the buildup of tartar brush her teeth 3 times a week and use a toothpaste formulated for dogs and a good toothbrush.


Saint Berdoodle is a large dog and needs enough amount of exercise to keep her fit and healthy.

This dog breed is playful but can also be lazy hence one can take her for daily walks which will stimulate mental and physical stimulation as well as increase your bonding session.

Activities that can make her active are a walk daily, play at the park or at your yard with her favourite toys.


The age, size, and activity the breed is involved in will determine the portion of food given. This is a large breed and require high quality food and need to be fed twice a day from 2-10 cups.

For good growth and enough energy as the breed grows into adulthood it requires a lot of calories intake.

For any change of diet due to allergies it is good to consult your vet before changing diet.

When giving dry food also give ample water to avoid bloating and constipation.

Saint Berdoodle puppies can be served 3 meals daily each containing 2 cups of servings.

Puppy Food

Puppy food has more calories due to structural growth and development hence do not overfed and causes the puppy to have joint problems and obesity. They do not require large amounts of food and typically eat about 6 cups of dry kibble daily. Dry food is good for your puppy as it aids in good dental health due to chewing.

Feeding the breed properly will help them as they age and in different developmental stages.

Consult your vet if you are not sure of what food to feed, remember puppies grow fast and their diet may change from time to time as they develop.

Give her a diet that is well balanced and fits her specific needs from carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, water, and minerals.

Average Cost to Keep/Care for a Saint Berdoodle

This breed is low maintenance but to keep her comfortable you need to be prepared before bringing her home.

Plans for necessary dog supplies, for example, toys, vet visits, insurance, grooming, flea treatment, deworming, microchipping, and tracker, wet and dry food.

Clearly, being a low shedding breed with a short coat, they require minimum grooming other than an occasional bath, brushing.

Buying a puppy of mixed breed can cost around £400-£2000. Other medical costs from vaccination, flea treatment, pet insurance, and vet visit may come to £500-£600. Non-medical stuff that includes dog supplies like toys, training, grooming, treats, food, tracker, microchipping, grooming, a license may range from £600-£1200.

Breed-Specific Buying Advice

Just like other designer dogs, Saint Berdoodle has its own share of advantages and health issues. Buying any dog breed is a huge step and should be planned for. One needs to know the history, and past information of the dog before buying.

Adoption centers and shelter homes for Saint Berdoodle might be a good place to start. Ensure the breeders are registered and do not buy from a paper mill or adverts. It might be hard to get all the necessary information if you buy from puppy mills or farms that are not recognized.

Before taking your dog home meet her/him first at the breeders’ address. Importantly, this enables you to know her health, temperament, and behavior beforehand. Besides this, you will be able to determine if the breed will suit your lifestyle.

You want the best and through research, one is able to know if the Saint Berdoodle will fit well as a great family dog for a household with children, and other pets.

Even if the breed may be costly due to having purebred parents it is better and will be a great choice financially and also emotional.

Nonetheless, the breed may have a few health issues hence buy from a reputable breeder who will be able to give you all his medical records, certificates, and parents’ health history.

Finally, do not opt to buy a cheap Saint Berdoodle from an advertisement.