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How to Deal with Puppy Separation Anxiety

Does your dog chew things every time you left home? Or does your puppy bark or cry excessively or scratches the door when you are not at home? If the answer is yes, probably...


Dog is Your Best Camping Friend

A dog is man’s best friend. They are great cuddle buddies, running companions, and tug-of-war opponents, but they can also be great companions for other activities you enjoy like camping. If you want to...

Requirements of Dog Travel Abroad

Travelling Abroad With Your Dog

Dog Travel International Requirements Many countries have strict regulations regarding international pet travel. When considering traveling with your dog/cat or other pet on a flight here is a list of things to prepare for....

Introducting Dog to Puppy

Introducing Your Dog to a New Puppy

Having another puppy can be both an exciting and unsettling time for the whole family including your Dog. There are some things you can do to prepare your pet for the impending change. It...