5 Benefits Of The MPX10GP

MPX10 Series – Uncompensated Pressure Sensors by NXP

It’s application can be used in robotics which is why we have decided to publish it here at Rangers Dog, a lot of embedded engineers in the pets industry are now using sensors in dogs and pet toys for various reasons not to mention pet Medical Diagnostics, leak detection, pneumatic control systems, environment control systems amongst other.

The MPX10GP is a sensor that comes to us having been produced by NXP Semiconductors. Sensors can be extremely valuable devices for ensuring the effective flow of an electrical current, and the NXP Semiconductors is a great example of that. This article demonstrates five of the main reasons why this is the case.

Semiconductor-MPX10GP Series - Uncompensated Pressure Sensors by NXP-6pin


  1. Provides gauge pressure

The primary goal of the MPX10GP sensor is to measure the pressure at the port of the appliance that it works alongside based on its atmosphere, thus meaning that the sensor is reactive to its surroundings and can therefore work efficiently.


What makes this special?

This means that the MPX10GP is adaptable to various locations and appliances, making it smart electrical technology by being able to cope and adjust no matter where it’s stationed.


  1. A sufficient voltage range

The minimum supply voltage for the MPX10GP sensor is 3V, while the maximum supply voltage stands at 6V. This covers the majority of low-power appliances requiring the sensor in order to work.


What makes this special?

This voltage range opens up the MPX10GP sensor to be able to work with so many different appliances. Crucially, the sensor won’t compromise the power necessary for the appliances in question to run effectively.


  1. High operating pressure range

The MPX10GP sensor electronic component has a maximum operating pressure of 10kPa, meaning that 10kPa is the largest amount pf pressure that can be applied towards this particular sensor.


What makes this special?

This again allows the MPX10GP sensor to cope with a significant amount of force that appliances could emit. It’s imperative that a sensor can handle high pressure environments in order to allow for the full flow of electricity and for the host appliance to then fully function.


  1. Large temperature range

The MPX10GP sensor is capable of handling both freezing and boiling temperatures. Indeed, its minimum operating temperature is -40°C, and it also has a maximum operating temperature of 125°C.


What makes this special?

This makes the MPX10GP sensor a versatile piece of kit because it can handle a total temperature range of 165°C. That adds to its long-term value, and it also means it can work with so many different appliances that work within the total temperature range.


  1. Widespread availability

The MPX10GP sensor is available from us courtesy of a wide range of distributors. This includes Mouser Electronics, Farnell, Arrow Electronics, Avnet America, Newark Electronics and element14 Singapore.


What makes this special?

This allows more choice for the customer in terms of how many they buy and where the original source of the product is. It also has an impact on price, thus allowing the client to potentially make a huge saving.


You can purchase the MPX10GP sensor from OEM Secrets today by visiting https://www.oemsecrets.com/details/mpx10gp.

For more infomation about this pressure sensor check out NXP datasheet.