Joint supplements for dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Joint supplements for dogs

Supplements have multiple ingredients hence it is good to know how each will be beneficial to your dog. It doesn’t mean when the supplement has a lot of ingredients it is the best.

Considering the supplements may not be regulated by the US food and drug administration it is good to check the label for ingredients used for your dog safe.

Before administrating any joint supplement or any medication check first with your vet for proper dosage and advice. Joint problems are mostly arthritis in dogs. This is so rampant as in every 4 dogs 1 is affected. This can be eased by the use of orthopedic beds to relieve pressure on the joint as well as supplementation, give exercise to prevent obesity and overweight which can lead to painful joints. Alongside this, you can use ramps when the dog needs to climb up or go down steps.

Diet, old age, and other factors can lead to arthritis and not as it has always been thought that age causes it. Most people assume senior dogs are the ones that suffer from arthritis but the real thing is even less than 1-year-old puppy can suffer from the condition due to genetic factors(developmental and degenerative), or poor diet.

Even with the availability of dog strollers that can be used to push around your dog in case of joint pain, it is good to get a solution early enough when you realize it.  Your dog can suffer from the elbow or hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, hypertrophic osteodystrophy which are developmental joint diseases.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Body language of your dog will tell you if he is suffering from arthritis, as dogs can speak our language. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Difficulties in walking or waking up from a sleeping position, climbing stairs up and down, playing.
  • Stiffness of joints.
  • Reduced mobility, is key especially in an active dog you will notice fast.
  • Swelling of joints and pain.
  • Limping.
  • Lagging behind when taking your dog for walks.
  • Licking the affected area to relieve pain.
  • Gets away when you touch the painful area.

The once happy dog can turn aggressive when in pain or may not be in a hurry to rush to you when you get home due to pain. This could be a sign of arthritis.

When the dog joints are inflamed it can reduce mobility. Consistent pain if not treated can lead to cartridge damage making healing impossible hence act early.

Arthritis affects mostly the knees, hips, elbows, wrists. The pain and inflammation can be chronic and sometimes life-threatening.

Importantly, it can be managed by getting a solution and supplements is one way. When the joints have no lubrication it can cause chronic friction the joints and hence the pain.

The lubrication in the joints assists them in moving easily without pain. Although when the fluid is not there the chronic inflammation causes pain and antibodies will begin attacking the joints over time.

Without a doubt, joint supplements decrease the inflammation surrounding all your dog joints and help get rid of any accumulated excess fluid around them.

Ways of Joint Pain Management

Apart from giving your dog medicine, there is a lot that can be done at home to ensure joint pain is managed. The following are ways one can try in the comfort of your home environment.

  • Regular Exercising your Dog

This can be daily walks around the neighbourhood or a game of fetch at the pack. This will keep your dog fit and weight in check with the constant running which is good for the joints.

Dogs who are obese can benefit a lot from exercises to reduce their weight. Play outdoor games that will make him run for around twenty minutes. This will ensure the joint cartilages gets enough movements for the day and the fluid flowing.

Get a dog pool and let your dog swim or take him swimming, this is a good exercise for exercising all his body muscles and keeping his body tone great.

Let your dog climb up and down the stair but if you notice straining take him for short walks outdoor where he will not strain and exercise his muscles.

  • Maintain Good Body Weight

Overweigh dogs will be round and will not have a body waist. The food that you feed your dog should be nutritious, give the required nutrients in relating to his activity level and stage of development.

Subsequently, if you feed your dog more it will be overweight and obese, when less it will be poorly fed hence balance well.

Have scheduled meals at certain times and when training basic skills do not overfeed your dog with treats.  Eating between meals can have an adverse effect on your dog’s weight. When the dog has excess weight it will cause pressure on his joints leading to painful joints.

Nevertheless, we have many dog toys in the markets that one can get for their dog to play with and exercise to keep them active.

Solutions to Joint Pains

Most dog breeds over time can suffer from hip and joint pains. Some questions can be raised when a dog can suffer from these conditions? Are supplements helpful to my dog, when should I give my dog the supplements: at old age or as a puppy, are supplements given as a treatment or preventive measures to your dog? This can be a confusing time and consulting with your vet is important to get the proper advice on what to give and at what age and in what dosage.

For instance, if the dog is not out running, he is playing a game of fetch or climbing up and down the stairs causing straining to the joints long term. As the dog ages or injures his joints the pain can be unbearable and need to be taken care of.

When you want to improve your dog health and wellbeing you use nutraceuticals which is a non-drug substance used for joint supplements. Additionally, they are considered food and not regulated as compared to drugs for pets.

This is where I would recommend you seek advice from your vet due to efficiency, quality, and safety as they are not regulated.

Obviously, supplements will assist in relieving pain in joints, repairing tissues and cartridges around the joints, strengthen joints/bones, and reduce inflammation.

We have two main solutions to treat or prevent joint diseases in dogs. Supplements can be given in the form of pills or drops or chews. Regardless it is easy to give to the dog the supplement as you can mix with his food or water if soluble.

  1. Natural Supplements

Using supplements for dogs it is so common that in one-third of them it is either used to correct joint stiffness, arthritis, skin problems, and digestion, or health issues.

Unquestionably, using supplements with different ingredients is better as it gives immense value to your dog than one ingredient supplement.

Alongside this, the supplements below are good in repairing joint cartridges, improving coat quality, reduces aging and the most common are:

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants keep your pet healthy and include vitamin C and E. vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant by helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals cause aging and illness in the body brought about by unstable atoms that damage cells. When free radicals are excessive in your pets’ body and no antioxidants are available to help it can lead to serious health issues like oxidative stress.

Active dogs due to aggressive exercises can experience this and if not checked can lead to muscle stiffness and cellular imbalance. Regardless of a proper diet with the right nutrients can eliminate this if it has adequate antioxidants.

Vitamin C plays a role in boosting the health of collagen, which is essential for maintaining joint health.

Lack of vitamin c makes your dog suffer from weak joints and pain due to a lack of collagen. Collagen is the structural protein that holds your dog’s joints and body together.

  • Fish Oils.

Fish oils improve your dog coat quality and give a shiny glow for itchy and dry skin. A good supplement with omega 3 and 6 is best for your dog as it also has nutrients that aid in hip and joint function and improve immune health.

Omega 3 oil can be got from the green-lipped mussels grow in the ultra-clean waters of the bays of New Zealand and has numerous benefits for joint health. Not only is it 100% bio-sustainable, but also recognized as the most eco-friendly aquaculture in existence today.

The oils are easy to administer as one can mix with dog food although sometimes the dog can be picky if he doesn’t like the flavor. Try a liquid supplement when this happens as it is easily soluble. Alternatively, when you notice your dog has allergies try a supplement with a single ingredient to start with.

Mostly the fish oils have EPA and DHA that support healthy skin, a soft coat, and a strong immune system. The best can be obtained from wild-caught cold-water fish which are best for joint health.

Ensure the fish have been properly harvested and are safe for your dog. Have the toxics been removed depending on how the fish was sustainably harvested due to water pollution? Check if the brand you are buying has considered your belief system do not purchase because of just the price, check also the quality.

  • Glucosamine

Glucosamine is known as the oldest and one of the many natural ingredients that give your dog a lot of benefits ranging from alleviating pain and supporting the wellness of the dogs’ joints.

Furthermore, it strengthens joints, reduces inflammation, and helps in pain-relieving. Besides, it is used for joint and hip pains in dogs for soothing.  Great and efficient with osteoarthritis pain in dogs, particularly in combination with other nutraceuticals like chondroitin.

  • Probiotics

Of importance is to always consult your vet before introducing any supplement for proper administration.

On the other hand, people always assume dogs need supplements when old or injured. Not only, has it been discovered even small puppies need supplements hence do not wait until they are in their senior years to give supplements.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric, also referred to as a golden spice or Indian saffron, is a tall plant that grows in Asia and Central America and useful in our pet’s body.

Unquestionably, curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and it has powerful biological properties for the treatment of various health conditions. Not only does it help in chronic pain but also inflammation.

Turmeric treats inflammatory conditions (arthritis), skin diseases, wounds, digestive ailments, and liver conditions in dogs too. It is used as a pain reliever for joint pains and also has antioxidants that help the liver.

  • Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate lessens inflammation before a joint injury occur. Moreover for it to work better it can be used with glucosamine. Definitely, this product works by inhibiting cartilage destroying enzymes. For maximize effectiveness dogs must be given a double dose for 4-6 weeks to reach therapeutic levels.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a powerful ingredient as it plays an important role in our dog bodies for immune purposes. Regrettably, if a dog/puppy has a zinc deficiency it may not be protected from diseases, may have retarded growth, diarrhea. The sad thing most puppies do not survive this and die or are euthanized.

  1. Medication

These are usually medicine your vet can prescribe to your dog known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.

Indeed, the medications can be useful but just like any other medicine, it can have negative effects on your dog’s body; from the kidneys, stomach, and blood vessels.

For instance, Deramaxx, Previcox, Rimadyl, Metacam, can be a short time solution but the negative effects on some of the body organs can be life-threatening or increase the joint pain.

Without a doubt, one can opt for natural supplementation to avoid putting their dog in this unnecessary pain and health issues as the risks outweigh the benefits.

Best Joint Supplements

1. NaturVet Glucosamine Joint Care for Dogs

Is your dog having aches, pain, and discomfort in your daily exercises? Naturvet Glucosamine joint supplement provides important antioxidants and helps to support the structural integrity of joints and connective tissue of overweight dogs and adult pets.

They are not only tasty soft 120 chews but also wheat free hence no allergies for your lovely pets. Easy to administer as they are chewable and can be mixed with dog food.

Additionally, they are veterinarian formulated, FDA Audited, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Active Ingredients per 2 Soft Chews: Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Yucca Schidigera, Chondroitin Sulfate, Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Omega-3 Fatty Acid, and Omega-6 Fatty Acid.

2. Uploria joint Supplements for Dog

Experiencing still joints and mobility problems with your furry friend? Our premium quality nutritional dog supplements for joints is the answer to your problem. Dissolves easily in food or water as it is in powder foam.

Consult vet in case you notice reactions or discontinue. Seek advice for pregnant and lactating dogs before giving supplements.

From being a pain reliever, it also improves mobility by repairing joint cartridge problems.


MSM 37.5%, Glucosamine HCl 31.25%, Chondroitin Sulphate 25.0%,Vitamin C 5.63%, Hyaluronic Acid 0.63%, Crude Protein 27.4%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Crude Oils & Fat 0.1%, Crude Ash 6.7%, Calcium 5.0%, Sodium 0.1%, Phosphorus 2.0%

3. Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets with Glucosamine

Dogs that are getting tired of struggling to get up the stairs, it’s not that all are old, some suffer from painful joints. Before it is too late take care of this problem with vetzyme tablets with its fish oil (omega 3 properties) to improve lubrication.

Moreover, it helps in the formation and rebuilding of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments and enables your dog easier movement.

Has 270 tablets to last your dogs for a long time use while improving his vitality.


Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin , Fish Oil (Omega 3), MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and folic acid.

4. Lintbells | YuMOVE Senior Dog Hip and Joint Supplement

Old or senior dogs require extra joint support as they age due to maintaining joint mobility. Yumove supplements work within 6 weeks and are made from high-quality natural ingredients.

Vitamin C and E maintain joint mobility while the omega 3 soothes the stiff joints.

It can be used by all dog sizes although it is specifically formulated for stiff senior dogs who require extra joint support and comes in 120 tablets.


Glucosamine HCl, Green lipped mussel, N acetyl D glucosamine, Manganese, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and C, liver flavouring.

5. JOINTSURE Joint Supplements for Dogs

Jointsure comes in 7 Active Ingredients: Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine, Natural Chondroitin, Vitamins C and E, Manganese, and Hyaluronic Acid to improve your pet joint wellness.

Packed with essential omega 3 oils from Green Lipped Mussel it is rich in natural chondroitin. No more worries with the presence of free radicals it is packed with vitamins C and E to neutralize them and maintain joint mobility.

All rounded as it caters for all dog ages and breeds and has internationally recognised ISO 9001 Certification due to high quality.

Be keen on checking for allergies as some dogs are affected by shellfish. Also, be careful with pets that are lactating or pregnant.


Active Ingredients per 1 tablet: Glucosamine 260mg, Green Lipped Mussel 155mg (containing Natural Chondroitin), Vitamin C 12.5mg, Hyaluronic Acid 1.5 mg, Manganese 3mg, Vitamin E 0.5mg

Final Thoughts

When your dog is happy even you will be happy. No pet owner would love to see their dog in pain and not having a healthy life.

Joint supplements have made this possible for your dog by repairing damaged cartilages, strengthening joints, and reducing inflammation. Even if they are not drugs but should be used in a proper dosage. Consult your vet for this advice or check the instruction of the packaging bags to know the correct amount in relation to your dog’s weight.

It is not true that only old and senior dogs need supplements as also puppies can suffer from arthritis or joint pains. Nonetheless, ensure to get immediate assistance from your vet when you notice your dog is a victim of joint pains or arthritis.

As a pet owner, it is good to do research and find out where the ingredients of the supplement are coming from. We have variety of dog supplements in the market but the ingredients that are beneficial to your dog suffering from joints pains will include vitamin C, manganese, Cetyl-Mysritoleate (CM), and Omega 3 Oils, Glucosamine, Turmeric, Probiotics, Chondroitin sulphate, methylsulfonymethane (MSM), hyaluronic acid, and avocado soybean unasponifides (ASU).

Last updated: January 2nd, 2021