Japanese Spitz Dog Breed and Puppy Information

Key Breed Facts

  • Small and medium-size dog breed.
  • People friendly and are great in families.
  • Energetic dog breed with fluffy white fur and a plumed tail.
  • Great for families with children as they are fun-loving.
  • Daily exercise and frequent brushing are specific care they require.
  • It can become destructive due to separation anxiety when left alone.

Breed Characteristics

  • Loyal, energetic and affectionate.
  • Intelligent, fun-loving and has pleasing personalities.
  • Are courageous making them excellent watchdogs.
  • Alert, bold and vigilant nature.
  • Distinct with slanted angle large dark almond eyes and a wedge-shaped face.
  • Small, erect and triangular ears make them alert always.
  • Life expectancy 10-16 years.
  • Height 12 – 15 inches.
  • Weighs 10-25 pounds.

Breed Highlights

  • Appeared at a Tokyo dog show in 1921.
  • Make good apartment dogs and still fit anywhere.
  • This breed loves human company, hence do not leave them alone for long.
  • Require minimum grooming despite the double coat feature.
  • The Japanese Spitz is a highly playful breed.


Just as the name suggests the breed originated from Japan. Around 20th-century crossbreeding different spitz breeds from all over the world was done to produce a healthy breed especially the German spitz brought to Japan from China.

Regardless others think it was breed descended from the Samoyed, which is another Spitz breed that is also native to Japan. Its origin is a mystery even after many years.

Despite their resemblance, this small dog breed is smaller, magnificent, courageous and charm to everyone around.

The Japanese kennel club recognized the Japanese spitz in 1948.

It is a breed now famous all over the world and in 1977 was recognized as a non-sporting dog UK kennel club.

Nonetheless, it has never been recognized by the America Kennel club due to high similarities in physical appearance with the America Eskimo dog and Pomeranians.

The breed still continues to grow in popularity around the world. Alongside the Japanese spitz has been exported all over the world, including England and Sweden.


Japanese spitz

Japanese spitz, Playful and Adorable Pet

It looks like a teddy bear with her thick white double coat. Not only do they have a lion-like mane of longer fur extending from their neck and shoulders down to their brisket but also the ears and legs.

Adorable looking dog with fur covering their muzzle, ears, and legs.

Requires minimum grooming as the Japanese Spitz has short hair on his face, ears, and front of the legs.

Their small ‘cat-like’ feet are heavily feathered and allow this breed to be agile.

Looks fancy and appealing as a great family companion with her long feathery tail.


With their big personalities, they tend to feel braver than larger dogs. Excellent barker and watchers will alert you when a stranger or visitor comes near your home.

Having a sociable nature if left alone can suffer from separation anxiety leading to destructive behavior like tearing furniture.

Intelligence / Trainability

This is a breed that needs early socialization. If they are not socialized well as puppies they can be aggressive barkers, as they can become overly suspicious of strangers.

Be consistent with training as this is an easy breed to train to be intelligent, obedient and easy to please.

Different dog breeds can take different lengths of training for potty training. Although the Japanese Spitz picks up quickly on house training making them an adorable family companion.

Children and Other Pets

Japanese Spitz Adorable with Children

Japanese Spitz Adorable with Children

Their loving, gentle and playful nature makes them good with children. These are dogs that crave attention and love to be around people and other pets in the household making them very sociable.

They cope very well if socialized with cats and other pets in the household.


Japanese Spitz is one of the fairly healthy dog breeds although it suffers mostly from luxating patellas and runny eyes.

Importantly, this can lead to several health issues from lameness, osteoarthritis ad pain. Get a comfortable orthopedic bed for soothing and supporting your dog joints and relieving stress.

Runny eyes can be brought about by small tear ducts leading to overflowing of tears to the eyes. Constant cleaning of eyes should be adhered to even when not grooming to prevent serious eye infections.

Take your puppy for vaccine shots when young. In case of any health concerns schedule an appointment with your vet for a thorough examination. Subsequently, as your dog grows older the vet visit can be once a year if healthy.

Caring for a Japanese Spitz

With a lifespan of 10-16 years the Japanese Spitz is generally a healthy breed, give moderate exercise, early socialization, and proper feed and you will enjoy a lifetime of laughter and a great companion.

It has two layers of hair: a fine undercoat keeps it warm and an outer layer of coarse hair to protect it from the weather. When brushing have the proper tools to save time and keep grooming time fun for your dog.

Small but also playful, these dogs do not mind getting their paws dirty and love family activities. Take them for jogging, hiking or swimming even at your backyard with a dog pool.

As much as they are confident and alert they need you to know you are a leader and this can be done through your involvement during their training.

Ensure to give early socialization to make it easy on them with interaction with children, other house pets and even strangers.

Teach children to respect them and supervise their interaction in case of any aggression.

The Japanese Spitz is very affectionate/loving with its family. Many tend to bond more closely with the person who they view as their leader. Like all spitz breeds they are independent and although intelligent, can sometimes be stubborn during training. But as long as you’re consistent you should have no problem.


Easy to maintain their thick double coat. With its fairly spiked fur, it is easy to clean as the texture does not allow dirt to stick and can be easily brushed off.

Grooming a Japanese Spitz

Grooming a Japanese Spitz

You will need to brush or comb their hair at least once daily in order to prevent matting of the fur.

The Japanese spitz sheds twice per year with her luxurious coat and requires relatively little grooming. Brush daily during shedding to remove loose dead hair.

Being playful and energetic the Japanese spitz sometimes loves to dirtify her paws and a weekly bath or brushing is necessary.

After shampooing and bathing dry with a towel or a power dryer before final brushing.

This doesn’t mean if dirt you won’t bathe her, keep her coat clean and healthy. Even so, over-bathing can dry out the skin and coat.

Trim your Japanese spitz nails regularly to avoid splitting and overgrowth.

Brush her teeth twice a week to keep her mouth fresh and clean with dog toothpaste. Also to keep away tartar and plague.

Keep her bed, kennel or crate warm with a blanket as when not playful she can get some warmth by snuggling around her bed or near you.


Unquestionably, respectful of their mini size they require moderate exercise as long as their energy levels are met.

Exercise can be daily walks to a run once in a while. They are playful and lively and fun-loving making them active in games, for instance, Frisbees and agility.

Their energetic nature makes them good for active families and children activities, they love to be involved in playful activities as well as be a lap dog when need be.


Being an equally healthy breed the Japanese spitz does not require a special diet.

Consult your vet on the appropriate diet, treats, and food proportions to prevent obesity and other health disorders.

Choose a well-balanced diet sourced from high-quality ingredients. For a puppy 3 small meals daily is recommended of one-half cups.

Average Cost to keep/care for a Japanese Spitz

The average price of a Japanese Spitz puppy is from  £1000 to  £2500. In addition, other costs may include one-off cost or recurring costs depending on the breeder. These costs will change as the puppy grows and changes in her needs.

As a dog owner, you can get a puppy that has been dewormed, current on shots and comes with vet/vaccination certificate with a health guarantee making your cost minimal.

Consider obedience classes that need to be paid to train your dog on socialization and later potty training.

Following this other dog supplies needed by your Japanese spitz include tracker, bed, medication, toys, food that require money hence you need to be ready financially and emotionally.

Breed Specific Buying Advice

Purchase puppies from a reputable breeder and ask your veterinarian to assess your dog’s knees.

If you are interested in only a pet purchase a Japanese spitz with limited registration which is cheaper. If you want one with breeding rights buy a Japanese spitz with full registration.

Be ready to give your time and commitment with a Japanese spitz, as they do not like being left alone. They crave human company and attention and are a great companion for an active household as their world revolves around you.