10 Best Indestructible Dog Beds Review

Last updated: January 2nd 2021’.

Is there an indestructible dog bed?

When I went bed shopping with my first pampered pooch, I was amazed at the choices out there, not to mention the price range. Have a look at our best dog beds article if you want to see some more luxury, cosier styles of bed. This article focuses on beds for the purpose of being much hardier.

We would be hard pushed to find anything completely indestructible when it comes to the nature of our canine friends, so when it comes to being ‘indestructible’, we look at beds which are either chew-proof, made ultra durable, and/or waterproof and therefore longer lasting for active dogs who are outdoors a lot. Every dog is unique! Nobody can say for certain that a bed marketed as ‘chew proof’ will stand up to the jaws of your pup, but we have certainly researched a large range of dog beds to try and bring something to suit all types of dog, and think we might finally have struck gold, or very close!

What Should You Look For?

Buying a bed can be a significant investment so you’ll want to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Here are some features you should consider to help you find the best dog bed for your dog. Regardless of what his/her needs are, you want a bed that will reliably keep her safe and cozy.

Features To Consider When Buying Your Dog Bed:

  1. The bed should be able to withstand the usual activities of your dog, so it may need to be chew-resistant and/or waterproof.
  2. Elevated bed are tough and keep your dog from cold floors.
  3. Firm and well-constructed bed especially for senior dogs or ones dealing with painful joints – memory foam is good for orthopaedic problems.
  4. Machine washable.
  5. Comfortable, durable and tear resistant.

You can get your furry friend the best indestructible bed and to do just that, Rangersdog came up with the best favourite brands currently on the market after sampling and researching among many.

Indestructible Dog Beds

We have separated our review up into elevated beds, floor beds and beds suitable for crates, to help you with your decision. Some are focused on being chew proof, some are included because they are waterproof or made of really durable materials that will last.

A. Best Elevated Indestructible Dog Bed


1. Pet Living  Waterproof Elevated Pet Bed

Designed with restful nights in mind, this bed has an elevated design for your 4-legged friend for any painful joints and stress just what pet needs to feel relaxed and secure.

This waterproof bed is durable considering mildew can be found on many different surfaces and are always present in the air hence having anti Mildew and Mould coated canvas fabric stretched over the frame will keep your pet safe.

The bed is perfect if you want to keep your dog off the floor and from your bed. The elevated design enables plenty of air to circulate from the floor keeping the bed cool even during summer.

  • Smooth coated steel frame.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large dimension: 85 cm (w), X 130cm (d) X20 CM (h)
  • Breathable fabric offers the extra comfort.
  • Lightweight great for travel.


2. AmazonBasics Elevated cooling pet bed

The Amazon elevated bed comes in 5 sizes to suit all breeds, and again is a simple yet practical elevated dog bed which is made of super durable materials which would be difficult to chew through. The breathable mesh fabric mat is easy to clean and the bed is pest resistant and waterproof, making it a good bed for indoors but also taking on your travels (as it folds down for easy transportation too). For added winter cosiness a blanket or pillow could easily be placed on top.


  • Material: Breathable Mesh Fabric and Powder-Coated Steel.
  • Floor No More! Sleeping with an elevated dog bed is more comfortable, cleaner, dryer, and healthier compared to the ground. Stay cool in peak summer or cozy in the wintertime!
  • A breathable mesh allows warm body heat to escape from your dog’s underside, keeping them cool while they relax in the heat. The fabric features UV stabilization, heat-resistance, waterproof, and breathability.
  • Easy to Assemble! No screws and wrenches needed. The dog bed can be directly installed by using the plug-in.
  • Lightweight and portable. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, picnic, camping, training… Quality sleep on the go!
  • Composed of powder-coated steel tube, durable breathable fabric, and non-skid rubber feet. Strong stability and high load-bearing capacity means saying goodbye to the fear of a sudden bed collapse.


B. Best Floor Indestructible Dog Beds


3. Scruffs® ArmourDillo Robust Dog Bed

We recently received a Scruffs ArmourDillo dog bed for ourselves, and we instantly knew it had to feature in our beds indestructible dog bed review! We recommend this bed for larger, heavier dogs who have a tendency to chew, are active and outdoors a lot.

This bed features a dense foam core with an egg-crate memory foam layer and a 1680 Denier ballistic outer material, which makes it brilliantly resilient to chewing and scratching, and with an 100% waterproof backing it is great for outdoor or kennel use.

The outer cover has double stitched seams, with hidden velcro fastening on the underside making the cover removable and washable at 30C.

This bed really has been designed with robustness in mind, it deserves its name ArmourDillo and is sure to withstand some heavy use. No doubt you pay for the quality and durability but we think the price reflects the product.


  • Comes in two sizes
  • 1680D outer covering for ultra durability
  • Double stitched reinforced seams
  • Memory foam layer, orthopaedic range of beds
  • Waterproof backing
  • Washable at 30C


4. Paws Waterproof Donut Dog Bed

Pets can spend more time on their muddy and water-filled areas and come back dirty and wet. Having a waterproof bed makes it easier for both the dog and owner to keep the dog warm and cosy as well as being easy to keep the bed clean.

The 600 Denier waterproof generous padding fabric with a PR coating on the inside to provide all-over comfort keeps your dog warm and relaxed. We try and feature UK made products where we can, and this is one of them. A very reasonably priced waterproof bed if you are on a tighter budget.

  • Strong Material 600 Denier waterproof.
  • 100% polyester that is treated with water repellent coating.
  • Warm in the winter and cool in the summer months
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • High-quality foam and fabric bed comfy for your dog.
  • 8cm thick cushion removable for easy separate cleaning.
  • Large dimension: 76 cm X W 64 cm X H 24 cm.


5. P & L Superior Pet Beds Heavy Duty Oval Waterproof Softee Bed

We feature this bed in our Best Dog Beds article too, as it is a good all rounder. Made from a hard wearing polyester waterproof material with a water repellant coating, it makes the bed easy to clean. It has a thick cushion at the base and the walls of the bed are high and filled with a Thermal POlyester Fibre which helps insulate your dog in the cold.

What we love is the large range of colours available in this really practical, highly rated bed. Oh, and that fact it is UK made too wins big bonus points for us.


  • Heavy duty material
  • Waterproof & water repellent material
  • High qualtity fillings
  • Easy to keep clean & odour free
  • UK manufactured



C. Best Crate Indestructible Dog Beds:


6. Amazon Chew Resistant Crate Dog Bed

This crate bed is made of waterproof material which makes it fantastic for use outside and even in the mud. Easy to clean material and with a cloth and a spray of water from your hose will do the trick making it the most professional choice of a dog bed for any dog owner. This tough chew dog bed is ideal for all types of dogs from aggressive, diggers and wild dogs and with its nylon cover make it hard to tear. Great for outdoor activities from camping, hiking or road trip as the bed is easy to carry.

  • Tough chew resistant dog beds
  • Super Strong
  • Special coated nylon cover to give our dog bed great strength and durability.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor
  • Waterproof
  • Dirt repellent.
  • Soft/medium density comfy foam filling
  • Comes in various colours and sizes.
  • XX-Large dimension: 120cm x 75cm x 5cm.



7. Maximum Pet Products Tough Chew Waterproof Dog Crate Bed

Here’s another great UK designed and manufactured product from Leeds, Yorkshire. These mattress style beds are great for the dog crate of a real mud loving active dirty dog. We know oh so many of these!

It features an odour and dirt repellant waterproof colour, with a medium density filling which keeps the bed nice and soft. With a wide range of colours to suit all manner of stylish pooches, it is also easily washable (yes even with a jet washer!). A good value for money product.


  • Waterproof dog bed
  • Super tough durable cover
  • Flame resistant, UV inhibited, anti fungal fabric
  • Prevents dust mites and pests getting in
  • Odour and dirt repellent
  • Soft / Medium density comfy fibre filling
  • Made in the UK


D. Luxury Indestructible Dog Beds


8. The Dog’s Bed, Premium Water Resistant Dog Beds

The external covering of these premium beds is made of oxford fabric with an added waterproof coating, making it durable and water resistant. The fabric washes and lasts well and can also be wiped clean. Replacement covers are also available.

The mattress of the bed is a dense solid foam, surrounded by a long tube shaped removable pillow. All materials chosen in mind to remove choking hazards. Seams are double stitched. The beds are manufactured in line with industrial standards and a favourite of boarding kennels, according to the manufacturer. This bed is featured because of its durable water resistant fabric, softer beds cannot always withstand the heaviest chewers! However for a nice sleek, smart looking but practical product, this one is on the money.


  • Made of durable Oxford fabric
  • Tube shaped surrounding pillow stuffed with Dacron
  • Resistant to abrasion and chemical agents
  • Cover is replaceable
  • Water resistant and washable
  • Dense solid foam mattress
  • Range of sizes and colours


9. Marko Plastic Heavy Duty Oval Pet Dog Puppy Bed Basket Tough Waterproof

A plastic dog bed is a good option for added chew resistance. This is what we started our lab off with, and although she chewed at the sides, she couldn’t completely destroy the bed. We’ll leave it up to you as to what type of cushion to fit inside, but but there are low cost options for soft cushions if chewing is an ongoing problem. Another bed named “armadillo’, the grey option certainly resembles an armadillo to some extent! These beds are good for both indoor and outdoor use, easy to wipe clean and hard wearing. A ventilated base helps keep the dog cool and avoid odours.


  • Available in sizes – SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Raised sides to offer support for your dog.
  • Hard wearing plastic with ventilated base to keep your dog cool and to avoid buildup of smells.



10.  Tuffies Dog Beds

We recently came accross this Scottish brand of ultra tough dog beds and we are highly impressed with their whole range. Tuffied have constructed a “guaranteed chewproof dog bed”, now that got sparks flying around rangers dog HQ.

We recommend you take a look at the Tuffies site if you have a dog who constantly chews through his regular dog beds.

  • Unique design meaning dog cannot get any purchase in the plastic surround with his side teeth
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Thick supportive futon mattress
  • Optional soft covers
  • Replaceable insert and stuffing (because the bed is not dig proof and eventually the inner cushion may need replacing)


Final Thought

Whether you’re looking for a cheap or pricey dog bed, you want the best bed to pamper her and make her comfortable as she sleeps.

These beds are designed with your dog in mind from elevated beds great for orthopedic dogs who want to relieve pressure from painful joints and muscles, to active dogs that would love the tough beds and too playful dogs that love water and getting dirty that would need the waterproof bed.

Arouse your canine’s imagination and expectations with different dog beds to suit their personality and taste.

A great dog bed can be a perfect gift for your mutt that can last for generations.

We know how deep your love is for your pets. Keep your pet healthy, safe and comfortable with our favourite Dog Beds. Don’t settle for beds with cheaper, less comfortable fillers like cedar chips, cotton batting, shredded foam, and lower density foams.

Give your pet the comfort they deserve with a perfect getaway to snuggle down and rest and relax after a long day.