10 of the Best Dog Crates You Can Buy Today

‘Last updated: January 1st 2019’.

Dog Crates and Puppy Crates

Do you need a safe and comfortable way to contain your dog while traveling in the car? Does your new puppy need a place to feel secure, somewhere to sleep and housetrain? A dog crate can serve multiple purposes and is often an essential purchase when starting out with a new puppy.

There are a variety of crates on the market for multiple uses, from puppy training to traveling. We have researched the best dog crates to suit your budget and preferences.

The essential features to look for when purchasing a crate for your furry best friend

In this article we have reviewed a range of crates in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Different crates suit different purposes. Little did we know before doing our research, that there are now even crates with wooden surrounds made to look like a functional and eye catching piece of furniture – fabulous! Consider the following points:


Your dogs comfort is a priority. Ensure you choose a crate in which your dog can lie down, turn around, stand up and sleep without a problem.


Buy a crate that is easy to clean. Crates can be made of metal, hard moulded plastic or nylons. Just ensure the one you buy is easy to wipe or able to be hosed down.


  • Metal crates are the most preferred choice for many dog owners as they can be used indoors and outdoors. They are easy to clean. These days there are some that have divider panels, so it allows you to either increase or decrease the inside space. In this way, dog owners do not need to buy another cage when their puppy grows into a big dog. It is a good long term investment and therefore money saving.
  • Plastic crates are travel-friendly and can provide more warmth and privacy than a wire crate, but with less air flow as a result.
  • Soft crates are superior in terms of portability, lightweight, flexible, easy to pop in and shift around the car. However they are not as easy to clean, and are at the mercy of any pups who are prone to a good old chew!
  • Wooden crates are unique but heavy and therefore not useful for traveling.


Best Dog Crates

What’s the best dog crate? Which are the best for your new puppy? Which one is the best for transporting to the vet? Hope we can answer these few questions in this article.

A. Wire Dog Crates

#1. Amazon Basics Folding Metal dog crate

Designed for puppies and small breed dogs. It is a safe, secure and affordable tool for potty training or behaviour training and can provide a comfy place to relax. Double door design for convenient front and side entry making it easy for your dog to come in and out. It has two slide bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security which will come in handy while travelling. Easy to clean as it has removable composite plastic pan included. The optional divider panel allows you to increase and decrease the inside space for the perfect size for your dog as it grows up. Measures approximately 61x48x46cm L, W, H respectively. It is foldable and can be used when travelling. We have found this to be a good all round and versatile crate which also comes in different sizes.


#2. Ellie-Bo Sloping Puppy Cage Folding Dog Crate

This cage is sloped so that it can fit in most cars, (although the manufacturer advises owners to check measurements beforehand),therefore we liked the versatility of its design. The Ellie-Bo range are designed with your dogs comfort at its forefront, and for ease of use has a moveable carry handle, and a removable non-chew tray. It can be folded flat for easy storage. This model measures 54cm x 76cm x 54cm and is suitable for numerous breeds such as beagle, border collie, welsh springer spaniel and whippet.

#3. Cozy Pet Dog Cage 42″ Pink with Faux Sheepskin Bedding

Let’s face it, dog crates aren’t the most eye catching items you’ll ever purchase. So we couldn’t resist this pretty pink cage with the added advantage of a tailored bedding for the tray.In fact cozy pet did this crate in a range of colours, but since I am a girl dog Momma, it had to be pink. It measures 107.5 x 77 x 72.5 cm, a good size for dogs such as golden retriever, dalmations, red setters and other large breeds. Similarly to the other metal cages we reviewed, it folds flat for easy storage, has two doors with two locks per door and the powder coated finish is pet friendly.

#4. ProSelect Fab Dog Crate

Is your dog large? If your dog is the big weigh or large breed you will need this crate. It holds up against heavy chewers and powerful dogs. For a dog like this, a heavy duty crate is ideal. Something made from high strength, durable material with a high-quality construction. It can withstand any aggressive or destructive dog as it is extremely strong with its 20-gauge steel reinforcement 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. It has removable casters at the bottom of the crate to allow easy rolling to other location or you can remove them for added stability so your dog will be safe and stationed at one place.



B. Plastic Dog Crates

#5. Ferplast Atlas 30 El Cat and Dog Carrier

Plastic carriers tend to be a little less roomy and mostly designed with travelling in mind. They do come in a variety of sizes, however, this Ferplast carrier is designed for large cats and small dogs up to a weight of 15kg. It is of sturdy plastic construction with a steel wire door. It has a special closing system to keep it secure and locked, avoiding it accidentally opening during a journey. It has side ventilation grilles, and is easy to disassemble for cleaning and storage.

#6. Quality Plastic Transport Crate – Perfect for Travelling by Train or Car

This crate comes in a range of sizes and can hold larger dogs. It can be secured in accordance with airline regulations meaning you can take your pooch abroad. Featuring rounded corners and no sharp edges, with a metal lattice door, the crate has comfort in mind for any journey. The front door can be attached so that it opens left or right, for your convenience. The top and bottom of the crate is fixed together using secure click locks and additional fastenings can be used to bolt it together for use on a plane. It features two carrying handles for easier maneuvering.

C. Soft-side Dog Crates

#7. Best for travel-Petsfit dog foldable crate

If you and your dog love travelling frequently you might want to invest in a foldable, fabric crate for travelling, hiking, and outdoor activities to accommodate your dog. It provides a secure and private mobile home for your pooch. It is durable due to the simple twist action fold away design. It comes with a large patch pocket at the back for your dog treats and other essentials which is a great convenience for you. It is upholstered with durable 600D fabric and features three mesh doors for easy access or exit, ventilation, and visibility. It comes with a free carrying bag and washable fleece bed so your dog is comfy on the road. Comes in different colours and sizes.

#8. MOOL Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier Crate with Fleece Mat and Food Bag

Firstly, we love the variety of colours this carrier comes in! What is not to like about the fact that dog accessories don’t have to be dull and drab?

The carrier is perfect for traveling but also for a restful spot in the house. It features a steel frame and water resistant, washable cover. There is included a reversible mat on the base with a fleece on one side and cooling water polyester on the other, comfort for your dog in a variety of conditions. It even has a detachable bag which may come in handy to carry treats on long walks. The front door can be rolled up for easy access, and the crate can be folded to store easily. The manufacturer recommends it can hold pets up to 18in tall, 24in long and up to 15kg, which generally includes dogs such as yorkshire terrier, french bulldog, cavalier king charles spaniel, and others.



D. Furniture / Heavy Duty Dog Crates

#9. Zoovilla Large White Cage with Crate Cover

We couldn’t help but love the way that a practical piece of dog kit, could be made to look so attractive. The panels which cover the main parts of the crate give it an interior friendly appearance, and with the solid top you can place personal items on top. Crate camouflage for the home! On a practical level it has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning, and for those whose love is not DIY, it is easily assembled.


#10. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

Another eye catching product, this crate is even multifunctional, converting into a useful gate to close off doorways or open spaces. The solid wood veneer cover complements most home decor, it is easy to assemble with no hardware required, and each panel can be easily removed when in use as a gate, for smaller size openings. Handy! As a crate, it has a removable plastic base. Internal dimensions are 29 x 19 x 22.8in – we would always recommend measuring your pooch to ensure the correct size crate.


Dog crates are great for keeping your pup out of trouble when you are gone from home or just want to take a nap to relax. Providing your dog with a nice crate will give him/her a safe, comfortable space to rest and it gives you peace of mind knowing that he/she is not going to get into trouble when you are away. Having read this article the picks range from plastic, soft-sided, heavy duty crates to travel crates best of the best for you to choose. Crown your dog with a crate that will be functional, safe, comfortable and attractive and he/she will love to spend time in his/her personal space.