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There are 3 authorities (kennel clubs) that determine Dog breeds:-
1. The Kennel Club (British),
2. The American Kennel Club (USA), and
3. The Federation Cynologique Internationale (Rest of the World).

The original Kennel Club (British) officially recognises 211 dog breeds with the latest dog breed being the Turkish Kangal Dog breed which was introduced and registered in 2013 and we will use this as our guide to create profiles of the best dog breeds you can find in our wonder planet earth based on the below dog groups.

Dog Breed Groups

The registration process is divided into 7 dog breed groups based on The original Kennel Club:

  1. Utility,
  2. Toy,
  3. Hound,
  4. Gundog,
  5. Terrier,
  6. Working, and
  7. Pastoral.

Best Dog breeds