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Ideas to Make Dog Walking Fun

Through the eyes of your furry best pal, every time you leave the house is a new adventure. If only you could be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as your fluffiest (or furriest) friend every...


Cooling Dog Bandanas

Cooling Dog Bandanas On a particularly hot summer’s day recently (which sometimes feel a bit rare!), we felt that the dogs must be feeling the heat too and decided to do some research into...

Adopting a Pedigree Pup/Dog

Adopting a Pedigree Puppy

Pitfalls to Avoid When Adopting Thinking of adopting a pedigree puppy? Most pet lovers have had this thought for several reasons. First, pedigree puppies have lots of advantages over their mixed-breed counterparts. Secondly, adopting...

Lead for Pulling Dog

Teaching your Dog not to Pull

Best Lead For a Pulling Dog  You can walk your dog with various gears from leads, harness, and leash. Start training when your dog is still a puppy to correct unwanted behavior, for instance,...