The 10 Best Indoor Pet Gates for Dog & Cat in UK and USA

‘Last updated: January 2nd, 2021’.

The Best Dog Gates of 2021

A dog gate is a point of entry to a space that is enclosed by walls to keep your furry friends in secluded places. The gate may prevent or control the entry or exit of pets, or limit their environs to specific areas indoors or outdoors. We have different dog gates: flexible and adjustable, foldable (good for travel and outdoor activities) wooden, metal or plastic and stylish. Pet Barrier is the solution to all of your problems! Busy parents simply do not have the time to struggle with gates and barriers within their home, for true security within your home look to Pet Barrier for the peace of mind you need.
You can create your own dog pen as some pet gates are quick to install. With a simple installation process this dog gate especially the mounted ones can be fitted in a matter of minutes; not only this but it can be moved around your home to find where it is most needed.
You can choose a dog gate in consideration of your dog size and activity levels and place it perfectly within a variety of rooms and locations within your home. This Pet Barrier is a great and effective way of keeping your pet secure and safe within a room of your choosing. We have ten of the best dog gates explained here.

#1. Folding 3 Part Wooden Wet Pet Dog Gate

You decide where and when your dog can go into certain areas of your home with our exclusive Folding Wooden Dog Gate. No more muddy footprints after walks, hairs on your favourite chairs and carpets, or sleeping in bedrooms! Create an instant barrier to and from any room, hall or area without the need of doorframe mounted kiddie gates. Light and portable, features three hinged sections that each measure 153 x 93cm), allowing you to use one, two or three sections depending on the size of the opening you wish to block. This is an excellent free-standing tri-gate. For the price, it is great quality. You can also seclude the corner of your bedroom or home for your fur friend o rest when you sleep which works perfectly.

• You decide where and when your dog can go into certain areas of your home.
• No more muddy footprints after walks, hairs on your favourite chairs and carpets, or sleeping in bedrooms!
• Create an instant barrier to and from any room, hall or area.
• It folds flat for storage.

• It is very light and a bit flimsy so is NOT suitable for boisterous dogs or dogs not afraid to jump over/move things.

#2. Unipaws Arched Pet Gate

One thing that is important to note is that the hinged multi-panel design adjusts to fit a variety of door sizes, and the rubber feet protect your floors. Constructed with a sturdy wooden frame, this gate stands on its own to eliminate the need for drilling or wall damage. Regardless of your pet size, it keeps off pets from restricted areas from puppies to large dogs. Comes completely assembled and ready-to-use in 30 secs. Ideal dog gates for the house, effectively and safely confine your small or medium furry friends. The best part is that because this gate is foldable and freestanding it is ideal for travel as it allows you to install with no tools. You can quickly and easily pick it up and move it. In addition, it comes in 4 panels of width 51cmx height 61cm.

• Provide extra stability and prevent tipping.
• Designed with rubber pads at the bottom, keeping gate from sliding, protecting floors from scratches.
• Perfect for doorways, hallways, entryways, stairs, bedrooms, etc.
• Fast and easy installation with no drills or tools.

• Rotatable hinges of 360 degrees, allow for unlimited configurations and convenient storage.

#3. Bettacare Extra Tall Pet Gate, with Small Pet Door

Bettacare Extra Tall Tuffy is an amazingly versatile expandable pet gate with a patented small pet door. This all-metal expandable is the first of its kind. Expanding 75-84cm wide and stands a convenient 104cm tall. The metal frame is strong, sturdy, and durable making this gate extra secure and superior to plastic. Super easy to install, takes literally seconds. The Bettacare Extra Tall Tuffy Expandable Pet Gate focuses on functionality and the ability to quickly contain your dog to an area. At 104 cm tall, the expandable pet gate is an ideal height for a medium-sized dog.
To allow the gate to function in multiple areas of your home, the pet gate is easily expandable to fit a range of door. it comes in multiple extensions from 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm to extend gate width up148cm. It is was designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable. Plus it stows flat – so it can fit in a closet or travel with you easily. The small pet door allows your small pets to pass freely while keeping larger pets contained.

• Multiple extensions available from 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm to extend gate width up to 148cm wide and stands 104cm tall.
• Quick and easy setup, no tools required.
• Designed with a small pet door to allows for small pet to pass-through
• All steel, durable construction.
• Great for use with pets and kids!

#4. Lindam Adjustable Pet Safety Gate 

Keep pets away from rooms when required with this safety gate from Lindam. Made from powder-coated steel in white for strength and longevity, it is crafted into an expandable size, ranging from 76cm to 82cm wide, allowing it to fit into different sized spaces with ease. This gate is easy to set up, saving you time and effort. Ideal for homes with pets and children. Save you time and energy as it is easy to operate just squeeze and lift handle provides easy and quick access in and out.

It also is wonderful to use for pets and dogs that can jump over smaller gates. Finally, it is easy to set up thanks to the wall space pressure mounts.  Furthermore, it is durable and secure leaving you with a feeling of assurance that your pets and child are away from harm.
• Simple to Install: pressure mount gate.
• Locking Bar: marked and notched for easy installation
• Non-marring Rubber Bumpers: helps prevent damage to your home.
• No drills required, all tools provided.
• Great for pets and children, too.
• They are durable even when chewed on it.

#5. Amazonbasics Pet Playpen with Door

I have an energetic Labrador golden retriever dog who at one point was not fully house-trained. I wanted a playpen that would allow me to leave her unattended inside while I do stuff around the house. The 8-panel playpen is perfect! She has tons of room to play, it’s lightweight, sturdy and price friendly. I was happy to find a playpen solution that could be used outdoors.
Amazonbasics design comes in 5 sizes from 61-122cm in height 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, perfect for puppies, small to large dogs, and other family pets. The Amazonbasics Pet Playpen can be utilized indoors or outdoors; the pet playpen is portable and provides a lot of space for pets to play and exercise! The Amazonbasics is light but also sturdily made from heavy-duty molded plastic, the playpen will last for years and will never rust! The panels interlock securely with full-length connecting rods, and the pens can be positioned in different shapes to suit your pet’s needs best. It comes with pegs and clips to secure it into the ground.
• Can be used indoors and outdoors.
• It is portable and provides a lot of space for pets play and exercise!
• It is adjustable to create a more spacious exercise pet playpen.
• It is durable, heavy-duty molded plastic, and the playpen will never rust
• Hinged access door with double-steel hardware
• Easy to assemble, easy to clean.
• Ideal for play, exercise or training, indoors and out.

#6. Sakura Adjustable Pet Barrier for Cars

The Sakura SS5259 Headrest Dog Guard safely keeps your pet in the cargo area of your vehicle away from the driver and the passengers. The steel frame installs in minutes with no drilling required. Non marred brace pads won’t harm vehicle interior. Width adjusts to 106 to 145cm making it perfect for most hatchbacks, estate cars, and small vans. Sakura SS5259 has a lot of positive reviews as it is designed to meet the demands of dog lovers who travel with our pets in the car. The way the poles lock-in is secure and will not loosen like the other similar versions. This has wing bolts that tighten to extend the poles. Finally can leave groceries in the car, and have passengers undisturbed by the dog, while still getting to bring her along.

• Creates a separate and safe compartment for your pet.
• The see-through design eliminates blind spots
• Well shaped braces protect most vehicle interiors.
• Adjusts from 106cm to 145 cm wide to suit your car design.
• Adapts to fit most Cars, Vans or Hatchbacks.

#7. CellDeal Folding Pet Playpen

This is a fantastic playpen, as it allows circulation of air through and around and the panels make easy viewing of the little critters, it is also big enough for me to sit in and play with all my two friends puppies, keeping them entertained with their other toys. There is a zipped mesh top as well, so ideal to leave the little puppies in to play whilst their cage is cleaned out. The best thing is that the floor is plastic and easily cleaned and the item folds away and has a storage bag so a big bonus. Easy to fold up and take it when visiting the countryside. I love the way you can unzip one of the panels so friends can sit and interact too rather than just being able to access from the top. I would definitely recommend this product.

• Made from durable 600D polyester with PVC coating.
• Lightweight, durable and portable, set up in seconds.
• Washable and easy to clean.
• Strong frame with eight panels, providing enough space to play and exercise for pets.
• Removable mesh cover with zipper for shade and security.
• Mesh windows on each panel provide better ventilation and great interaction.
• Side pockets and a mesh storage pouch provide handy storage of accessories.
• Two roll-up and zipped doors on either side for easy access.
• Suitable for a variety of pets including puppies, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.
• Can be used both indoors and outdoors

• It can be dangerous for your pet if they chew through the material.

#8. Ellie-Bo Easy-Up Puppy Play Pen

Bought this for my dog Kiki when she first arrived as a puppy and was very pleased with it. Sturdy panels, all linked together with a fully flexible ‘hinge’ arrangement (to allow you to arrange the panels into any shape you like – with no worries about whether you can vary the angle/direction of each hinge. Slightly ‘odd’ arrangement for ‘completing the’ loop – just three ‘random’ clips (a bit like those on the end of a dog lead!) provided for joining the two end panels together – however it works and unless you’ve got a heavy-weight dog trying to deliberately sabotage your efforts, I don’t see this as a problem. The fully flexible hinges enable the whole thing to folds away flat in seconds (fold one hinge one way, the next the other – and so on) and, equally, can be set up almost as quickly! Metal appears to be galvanized and having one panel with a ‘door’ (with closure catch) is a nice touch to enable your pet to ‘hop out’ if/when you choose to allow them to! The mesh size is easily safe for almost all pets. These Ellie-Bo Easy-Up lightweight pens are available in 5 heights from 61-122 cms.

• Fully erected in less than 15 seconds thanks to its concetena construction
• Lightweight galvanized steel construction
• Can be used indoors or outside
• Hinged door with bolt action lock
• Pen size when erect 123 x 123 x 61cms

• Large pets can climb up.

#9. Bettacare Child and Pet Gate

If you have large dogs or dogs that have worked out that they can jump over the standard size gates, this is the perfect gate for your pet. It is strong and sturdy, and you should never worry about the gates falling down. The Bettacare Child and Pet Gate is well constructed and good value for money. It can fit a variety of stair widths and is a useful training aid. Additional extensions can be added to this gate which will allow you to fit this gate in a wider space.
• Extra tall gate to make an effective barrier for pets.
• Standard tested for children also, depth of gate frame 1.5 cm.
• Patented-double locking system / pinch-free hinge.
• Multiple extensions available 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm to extend gate width up to 148cm

#10. Callowesse Extra Tall Pet Gate

This Callowesse Extra Tall Pet Gate is made from the highest quality materials to ensure that you can protect your pet. It is the perfect gate for any size dog ranging from a small puppy through to a much larger dog. It uses a pressure fit system designed to help you install the gate without the use of tools or screws, although pressure cups are included for extra safety.
• Extra tall safety gate standing at 110cm in height your dog cannot jump over.
• Fits openings and doorways within your home between 75 and 82cm, extendable to 96cm with optional extensions (sold separately).
• Pressure mounted installation suitable for a variety of locations.
• One-handing opening system for added simplicity and ease of use.
• Ideal for pets and preventing them access to rooms of your home.


A dog gate has come out as an essential tool for homes with pets, it is a convenient item in our homes. Some are chew-proof ways to contain and protect both your pet and home. Others are made of steel with a safety gate designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation and are ideal for extra-wide openings. Evenflo Position and Lock Pressure Mount Gate is a portable gate that has a walk-through design feature a one-touch release handle so you can easily pass through even while carrying things. If you have a small pet then a dog gate with a pet door lets small animals pass through while everyone else stays put like our Carlson extra tall pet gate with a small door will be ideal. Here we have outlined the best 10 to keep your furry friend in places you want.