10 of the Best Dog Ramps

‘Last updated: January 2nd 2021’.

Best Dog Ramps

For lots of us, assisting your dog into the car would not be too difficult. For those who may struggle to lift gentle giants, dog ramps have made it more convenient, faster and less stressful for you and your pet. Some pooches don’t like being lifted and find a good ramp is preferable. And especially our ageing friends, many of whom start to suffer joint problems like arthritis, will find that jumping into the car or onto furniture is no longer possible. A dog ramp can assist them, and us too.

We’ve compiled a list of some great (in our opinion!) dog ramp and step products here to make choosing easier for you.



Types of dog ramps

There are many different types of dog ramps. The most common designs are bi-fold, tri-fold and free-standing. Dog ramps can also have different surface materials such as grip tape (with or without reflective markings) or carpet.

Permanent and semi-permanent ramps are usually of aluminum, concrete or wood. Most dog ramps are of different materials and have various features to choose from which are beneficial to you and your pet. We have given a list of the best 10 for you to choose from.

  • Reflective ramps provide extra safety when loading and unloading your pet. The high contrast markings also aid in guiding your pet up and down the ramp.
  • Permanent ramps are designed to be bolted or otherwise attached in place.
  • Semi-permanent ramps rest on top of the ground or concrete pad.
  • Portable ramps are usually aluminum and typically fold for ease of transport. Portable dog ramps are primarily intended for home and building use but can also be used with vans when on a road trip with your pet. Portable ramps are made of lightweight materials and can fold for ease of transport.


The 10 Best Dog Ramps

# 1. Solvit PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp

The PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Dog Ramp is ideal for getting your Pets into the car with absolute ease.
If you love outdoor activities your dog can accompany you everywhere as the ramp is very sturdy and not that heavy surprisingly. Despite being lightweight it is strong and durable, does not flex when extended and has raised guiding rails and a sandpaper finish for better grip.


  • Lightweight as ramp is easily transportable weighing only 5.89 kg.
  • Provides convenience and mobility for adventurous Pet parents.
  • Durable, sturdy design can hold over 180 kg and provides a comfortable walking surface for any Pet.
  • Ideal for senior pets or those with mobility issues as the textured gripping surface helps to stop slips and falls.
  • Comes with raised rails that guide your pet when on the ramp boosting his confidence.
  • Adjustable for Pets of all sizes from 99.06 cm to 182.88 cm.

Check alternative product (Happy Ride)…


# 2. Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri-Fold Ramp with supertraX

A patented Tri-fold design which reduces storage space and superior features like removable mat and built in carry handle, make travelling with your pets simple and stress free. With an active dog, this sturdy ramp is ideal and will work for you.
The removable supertraX mat is pressure activated, meaning your pet will easily be able to grip into the mat, simply by putting weight on it. The supertraX mat is much preferred to other types of carpet treads because it allows your pet’s paws to have a greater surface area contact with the ramp, creating greater stability. The ramp comes with a bottom grippers and included safety tether that help the ramp maintain a steady position.


  • SupertraX mat is soft, protecting pets’ paws.
  • Mat is removable for easy cleaning
  • Pressure activated grip allows for pets’ paws to easily grip into the mat, providing sure-footing.
  • Raised edges help prevent pet from slipping off of the side.
  • Built-in handle and easy fold for portability.
  • Patented Tri-Fold design for compact storage.
  • For pets up to 200 Lbs.


# 3. Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri-Fold Ramp

The Petgear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Ramp will get you where you want to go there as the folding design reduces storage space at home or on the go and the carry handle facilitates easy transportation.
The tread is skid-resistant, even when wet, keeping your pet steady. Rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp help it maintain a stable position. The Pet Gear Pet Ramp (Reflective option available for better visibility ) helps your dog maintain confidence when gaining access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. This ramp is heavy duty enough to handle a 200 pound pet and thus ideal for very large dogs.


  • The tread is skid-resistant even when wet to keep your pet steady.
  • Slip-resistant surface provides sure footing and rubber grippers on bottom help keep ramp steady.
  • Easy fold for compact storage and built-in handle for portability.
  • Dimensions: 71″L x 19.5″W x 4″H; suitable for pets up to 200 pounds.


# 4. Trixie Pet Ramp

The Bi-Fold Pet Ramp allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places. This ramp with its absence of sharp edges can be used safely in the house too as the non-slip rubber feet help keep ramp in place while in use.
It has awesome features making it a high quality ramp. Ideal for protecting pet’s joints, this ramp is also recommended for pets with Arthritis. Collapsible for quick and easy storage. For cleaning simply wipe away any messes with a damp cloth.


  • Anti-slip coating and safety rails on the side.
  • Protects the joints of the pet.
  • Highly recommendable in cases of arthritis and arthritis.
  • Can be used for preventive measures.
  • Easy to store as it is collapsible and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean as a damp cloth is all you need.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
Trixie Pet Ramp, Black, 40 × 156 cm
3,496 Reviews


# 5. Pet Ramp Safety Engineered by Doghealth

The ramp is indeed light and solid, sufficiently long for many uses and comfortably wide enough with raised sides to encourage confidence.
It has a good non-slip surface for grip and is graduated at both ends for ease of access and exit. Its price compared to others on the market is pocket friendly and is mindful of your dogs car experience.
One keen detail I noticed from my own experience this ramp is perfect for my purposes; access to my car back-seat for my friends’ arthritic dog who found it painful to be lifted.
Its new design replaces traditional design which had stick on sandpaper, the new surface gives better traction and is easier to clean for any dog owner.


  • Safer and easier to maintain ramp with its improved model.
  • Lightweight 11lb/ 5kg.
  • Anti-Slip Surface – Very strong will hold up to 90kg (200lb).
  • Dimensions: 61″ x 15.7″ x 7.5″. (155 x 40 x 19cm) Folded dimensions: 31″L x 15.7″W x 7.5″D (79 x 40 x 19cm) 2.4″ (6cm) raised sides


# 6. PetSafe Solvit Ultrlite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

The UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp allows pets to safely get up and down with less stress on their joints (and yours). It is the most economical model and the lightest full-size ramp on the market! It weighs only 10 lbs. and able to supports over 150 lbs.!

Finally our pets can have a sure footing with its high traction walking surface which provides a non-slip tread that is easy on pets’ paws. Four rubber feet give the ramp stability and the raised rails on either side provide pets with confidence as they walk up and down the ramp. The built-in safety release latch secures the ramp while it is being carried or stored.

The PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp is perfect for older pets, smaller pets or pets recovering from illness or injury.


  • Light and durable as it weighs just 10 lbs. and can hold over 150 lb.
  • Space saving design ensures the ramp folds in half for easy carrying and storage.
  • Ideal for old and injured pet with the high traction walking surface which provides a textured surface to help prevent slips.
  • Easy to carry, comes with a safety release latch helps prevent accidental openings.
  • Total ramp measurements are 62 in. x 16 in. x 4 in good for dogs of all sizes.


# 7.Pawhut Lightweight Ladder

OK, we said ramps, now we have stairs.. these lightweight and portable stairs may be preferred to a ramp by some pets, and are useful indoors too.

This one from Pawhut is a 3-step ladder featuring PVC carpeted steps and a low side rail for added stability. They will allow for your pet to reach the bed/sofa especially if he struggles with joint problems/poor mobility.

The stairs need no assembly and are easily stored, with a max capacity of 15kg so not suitable for very large dogs.


  • Light weight and stable design, easily transported.
  • Weighs only 1.5 Kg with weight capacity of 15 KG
  • The side safety rails provide confidence for pets to climb while steps are carpeted for added stability.
  • Ideal solution for letting pets reach higher surfaces like beds, patios and more
  • Easy to store and transport and requires no assembly
  • Overall Size: 49L x 39W x 39H cm
  • Foldable Size: 62L x 39W x 15H cm


# 8. Staart – Esker Wooden Pet Steps – Mocha Walnut 

A bit of a different product to most traditional dog ramps, these multifunctional pet steps are made to blend in with interior furnishings, provide storage space, and also allow for smaller pets to reach higher places! With a mocha walnut wooden veneer and lacquered finish, this is a very stylish addition whilst taking care of the needs of your pet.

The steps are wider and taller than normal steps, with small and medium sized cats and dogs in mind, and rounded edges for safety. Rubber grips keep the steps secure on the floor. Made with environmentally friendly pet safe materials.

The steps come in two and three step variations to accommodate the size of your pet.


  • Stylish and multifunctional to blend with decor
  • Wood veneer with lacquered finish
  • Raised legs with rubber grippers
  • Two and three-step variations for small and medium sized pets.
  • Return within 30 days for full refund if product fails to meet expectations


# 9. Beyondfashion Folding 3 Steps Ramp for Large/Small Dogs/Cats 

Pets can climb with confidence in your vehicles or other areas with the beyondfashion pet steps. The soft and comfortable velvet surface will keep your dog from sliding when climbing up and down the steps and is easy to wipe clean.

They fold nice and flat, are surprisingly sturdy, come fully assembled, and are super easy to open up. The steps can also be set up as a ramp These steps can accommodate pets’ up to 36 kg.


  • Sturdy wood construction.
  • Strong iron rack for supporting the stair step.
  • Screws on the side for fixing the step steadily.
  • No assembly required, and can be fold down for easy storage.
  • Suitable for large and small dogs, cats and other pets large or small.
  • Soft and comfortable velvet surface design for strong grip.
  • Protect your dog’s joints and can also be anti-slip.
  • Ideal for Little/Old Pets to reach their favourite places.
  • Can be used as pet stairs in home and pet ramp for cars.


# 10. Me & My Easy Climb Fleece Covered Pet Stairs 

Similarly to the above products, an indoor style accessibility product, this set of three step stairs is made of a solid black plastic but with a machine washable fleece cover. It requires no tools to assemble and minimal assembly. You can use it outside without the cover too, for example getting in and out of the car.

Great for smaller breed and older dogs, this lower budget simple solution is a popular and well rated choice for your pet.


  • 3 Step pet stairs
  • Allows your pet to get to their favourite spots without the need for assistance – Solid black plastic construction – Ideal for smaller dog breeds & older dogs who may struggle to jump up – Essential for pets with arthritis or hip/joint problems
  • Requires minimal assembly – Instruction sheet included – No tools required – Machine washable soft fleece cover suitable for indoor use – Simply remove cover for outside use such as getting into & out of the car
  • Maximum weight allowance approx 25kg – Please ensure your pet is supervised at all times during use
  • Overall dimensions – Height: 30cm / width: 35.5cm / depth: 45cm


Final Verdict!

A ramp means that your dog will not need lifting into the car and can be trained to exit without jumping or injuring themselves.

Dogs love getting out and about at any age, and a ramp can ably assist your friend to continue to do so. But it’s not just about our treasured pooch! For the many reasons that we may struggle to lift them, a dog ramp takes the pressure out of maneuvering our furry friends, meaning we can make trips out comfortable and stress free for all. Rangers Dog recommends!