In search of the best feeding bowl for your dog? have a look at our favourite 7.

Do you think a dog bowl is just a dog bowl? No, all are not equal. Different dog bowls offer different features, just like dog food offers different nutrition elements. While making sure you select the best food for your dog is a major decision as a pet owner, so is selecting the best dog bowl for their food and water. Your dog drinks and eat regularly and if you think about it, your dog bowl is an important part of its nutritional health hence try to pick the right dog bowl type for comfy feeding. Therefore, when buying a dog bowl, I like to consider a few things. Does my dog need an elevated bowl, a bowl with a non-slip mat, or perhaps a slow feeder bowl?

Nation’s Favourite 7 dog bowls:-

#1 – Mason Cash Non-Tip Lettered Dog Bowl

A classic! Mason Cash are reknowned for their range of kitchenware but have been producing pet bowls since the 1940’s. Country cottage style, these delightful dog bowls are made from hard wearing stoneware making them bite resistant. They are also fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe for ease of use. Less prone to chipping due to thick sides. The shape of this bowl makes it less likely to tip over. We’ve had plenty of stoneware bowls for our dogs in the past and like them very much – if you have hard floors consider putting them on a non slip mat at feeding time.

#2 – Decyam Pet feeder dog bowl

The Decyam dog slow bowl is made by non-toxic, eco-friendly, BPA free high quality material. The mat or your room will not be in a mess when feeding your dog as the non-skid design at the bottom, stop the food bowl from moving around. Does your dog overeat? The thought of your dog having excess gas in the stomach is heartbreaking. Get the Decyam bowl with it maze design it regulates eating.  It promotes healthy slow eating and prevent obesity. It is a nice diet bowl for a weighty dogs. It is easy to use and dish washer safe. It is great for wet and dry food for your dog and prevents choking due to the slow eating. The colour of the bowl is attractive and will arouse your pet attention and appetite to want to eat.


#3 – MOACC Crate Dog Bowl, Removable Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with Plastic Puppy Feeder (Food & Water Bowl)

Not your standard dog feeding bowl, but we added this one to our list to highlight the range of feeding bowls available for all different purposes. This bowl is suited for dog crates which are particularly used when owners have a new puppy.

A 2-part design, the plastic outer secures to the crate, while the inner stainless steel part is removable, therefore making for convenient use. Its limiting factor is small size, diameter of the inner bowl stands at 12.5cm, so it is really aimed at pups. However we think it is worth highlighting this handy dish which will prevent spilled water and food in the crate – it comes highly rated by other owners too (4.5* amazon reviews).

#4 – Miaosun Pet Stainless Steel bowl

Stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The rubber on the bottom effectively reduces noise and skidding when your pet is eating and protect the floor from scratches. It has a practical and economic advantage to other bowls as it has 2pcs of stainless bowl and 13000 hours lifespan as each bowl 4.5cm size holds 2 cups (10oz). This feeder bowl can stimulate your pets’ appetite for more healthy growth. The stainless steel material is safe, rust resistant hence your dog food is safe. Perfect for dry kibble, wet food, treats or water.

#5 – Pawise Raised Wooden Stand

This is a unique elevated feeding station designed for aging dogs or long-legged dogs who might have trouble bending to eat from the floor bowls. It makes mealtime more comfortable as your pet does not have to strain their neck to eat their food. It has a strong base that keeps it stationed in one place while your pets eat. High quality, rustproof stainless steel bowls. Expert believes that elevated feeding is healthier for dogs, possibly preventing a gastrointestinal problem and promotes digestive health and reduce stress on the pet.

#6 – Fold Up Travel dog bowl

Are you going for hiking, car ride, trip to the park, vacation and want to bring food and water for your dog? Fold up travel bag are great way to feed your dog. The bowl sets have waterproof interior to hold liquid and nylon outer lining which is easy to clean and ensure no leaks. The material is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The pet bowl is perfect for hiking, traveling or just about any outdoor activities. It is easy to carry and foldable for movement. The pet bowl is washable and lightweight, the material makes it easy to clean and dry fast.


#7 – Automatic dog bowls

Automatic dog bowls are standard dog bowls mostly plastic attached to a container or reservoir. Many are design to keep your dog bowl full as long as there is food or water in the storage compartment. You can get a programmed dog bowl to regulate your dog eating and a non-programmed automatic bowl to facilitate constant water taking of your dog. These can be ideal for dog owners who work long hours and your feeder is tamper-proof so that your dog does not feel neglected and left alone. The only con is your dog might break it if it is not satisfied with the food volume. The LCD screen device and complete function is easy to operate. Dispenses 1-39 portions at 4 selected meal time per day. You can preset time and food intake for your dog. It can record your voice and play thrice automatically to remind it to eat making it feel like you are home. The food hooper hold 6.5L of dry food and can satisfy all kinds of pet hence can be used as storage compartment. It has removable food tray, easy to clean, environment friendly and made of ABS plastic material safe for your dog.

Always wondered what kind of dog bowl is best for your dog? Now the question has been answered with the fabulous dog bowl blog above. After much testing and research we put a variety of bowls to choose from, plastic bowls, stainless steel bowls, attractive and decorated ceramic bowls, elevated, automatic  and travel bowls, all designed to be long-lasting and suitable for a variety of different pet and dog breeds. You are now spoilt for choice and can buy several.


‘Last updated Jan 8th 2020’