Beagle Dog Breed & Puppy Information

A Beagle is one of the most popular dogs for families. In addition, it is not known to be aggressive towards children and is very playful.

Moreover, Beagles likes howling and barking. They can vocalize in three different ways with their amazing vocal cords when:

  • She/he is alerted.
  • Out in the trail or bays to alert the pack when following on ascent it has picked. Its short legs ensure their nose is near the ground making them pick a scent fast.
  • It can howl too when bored or when seeking attention. A beagle is not a dog you can leave alone for long hours, it loves company hence make a wonderful companion even when taking walks.

With their constant barking, they are not the best apartment dog, nevertheless, a lot of training is required. They are mostly small to medium size dogs of 13-16 inches tall and weigh no more than 15 kilos.

Key Beagle Dog Breed Facts

  1. Great Companion

Beagle is a great dog that gives company for both children and adults. It is a composed dog, small and tidy. For an active dog owner, a beagle will keep you in check as it is also an active dog. They are affectionate and loyal and get along with any person.

  1. Need Training

They are easy to train due to their playful and active nature. Start the training at an early age to get their obedience when they are doing something you do not like.  They might need a big garden or field to run around for their training and playful activities.

  1. Intelligent dog

The best thing about this dog breed is it is intelligence and once it is trained it will obey with no stresses, but training needs to be continuous in her lifetime to keep the obedience constant.

  1. Excessive barkers

They are known for excessive barking and howling and training is required especially if living in an apartment to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

  1. High Sense of Smell

Their sense of smell is high as they are sensed based breeds and you might need to control them, to avoid them dashing off towards the smell.

  1. Need Regular Grooming

This is a breed that is easy to groom with its smooth coat and short fur. Easy to brush and shower.

  1. Gentle with Children, an Affectionate Pet

They make an ideal family pet as they are affectionate, caring, loving and gentle with children.

Beagle Breed Characteristics

  • Loyal and affectionate.
  • Active animal and require a lot of training.
  • Sense of smell is high, can smell up to 220 million smells making them great hunter and tracking dogs.
  • Playful need to be trained during a lifetime.
  • Can be a companion for many industries, from a home pet to a hunter dog, a medic dog, and firefighter dog as they are good in training.
  • Require a big open area that is fenced as they are active dogs might not be comfortable in an apartment or small rented place.
  • They are small to medium size dogs.
  • With a smooth coat, grooming is less than other breeds making it easy to keep her/his clean.
  • Their active nature helps them live a span of 12-15 years.
  • Loves exercise, play, and outdoor activities.

Beagle Breed Highlights

  • They are good companion due to their loyal and affectionate nature.
  • Their sense of smell is high and need to be trained to instill obedience to avoid them dashing off anytime they pick a scent.
  • They interact well with both children and adult making them a favourite home pet and companion.
  • They are active and comfortable in a big open space and field instead of an apartment.
  • Intelligent animals but can pose a training challenge due to their dashing behavior.
  • Need to invest in a good and durable collar/lead-you will also need to invest in your dog’s vaccination, an annual checkup, coats for small dogs during colder months, etc.
  • Superior tracking instincts.
  • Easy-going personality, sweet demeanor, and cuddly nature.


From several breeds, the modern beagle breed was developed in Great Britain in 1830.  Developed from Southern Hound, Talbot hound, and North Country Beagle breeds.

The first breed of grown beagles were the pocket beagles that used to be smaller than a beagle puppy nowadays.

The travels of William the Conqueror in the 11th-century brought to England the Talbot Hound.

The Beagle is derived from the English word “beag” meaning small. Also, from the French term “be’guele” meaning gape throat or loudmouth. This refers to beagles’ deep prolonged jowls and its great sense of smell.

Why Did Hunters Use Beagles

Hunters in the early ages were using beagles which were small dogs around 8-9 inches tall to hunt.

Its size allowed it to fit in a coat pocket, besides making it suitable to be carried throughout the hunt on horseback.

Things practice started changed during the 18th century.  In addition, hunters preferred larger dogs as their trail companion leading to the small beagles extinct in 1901.

Furthermore, two new hound breeds were developed: The Southern Hound and the North Country Beagle in the 18th century when fox hunting became popular with the hunters.

Eventually, these breeds were crossed with larger dogs like Stag Hound creating Fox Hound.

In the 20th century, beagles became popular for hunting and home pets.  Many families making them the preferred choice as they were affectionate and great at tracking different scents.

Uses of a Beagle Dog

Beagles became very useful dogs. Their loving and affectionate nature to kids and adults made them a first priority choice of pet. They were used as hunting and tracker dogs in the 18th Century.

Above all, due to their numerous attributes, they were used to track survivors during rescue missions and in the entertainment industry.


They are small and have three distinctive colours: white, brown and black in their coats and a few have a tan and lemon colour.

Beagles have short legs which enable the nose to be near the ground and pick different scents fast.

The long flapping ears help in keeping the scents picked up near the nose.

Most Beagles are 13 inches tall and weigh 15 pounds. Others are 15 inches and weigh between 20-30 pounds.

They have dark brown eyes and a wide nose that assist them to smell different smells. It is funny but their noses guide them through life.

The tail is straight with a white tip making it look lovable.


As much as they are affectionate pets they need to be given enough exercises. They were mostly used as hunting hounds. Excess energy and lack of exercise can make them obese.

Beagles are chasers and explore and require long frequent walks, A fenced yard where they can stretch their legs without restrictions is great. An apartment may not be a suitable place to keep a beagle.

Constant training on obedience should be done as Beagle are stubborn and distracted easily when exploring.

Sometimes you can find them digging or in the trash or jump over a small fence when outside. Ensure you are also there to monitor him/her.

How you train and raise your Beagles’ shapes her temperament and behavior.

Before you bring her home look at her parent’s temperament. They can give you an idea of the puppy temperament.

Beagles are not easy to train and you can use treats as motivation. Nevertheless,  remember if you overdo it you will end up with a fat beagle.

Destructive behavior can occur if enough exercise is not given. Your dog can get bored, noisy and destructive as an outlet.

Beagles have a distinct doggy odour and need regular grooming. You can also brush to keep her coat clean and smelling fresh.

Intelligence / Trainability

Training a Beagle

BeagleBreed Training With Running For its Active Nature

They are motivated by their sense of smell. Mostly, you will find them running around tracking and if you haven’t fenced their environment they can stray very far. They are intelligent dogs as once they pick a scent they remember it all the time into the future.

Beagles are trainable but it takes hard work as it can prove challenging.

You need to use training materials that can outdo the scents they pick from the ground during training.

A puppy should be trained to socially accept people in its environment after 8 weeks before being taken to its new home.

Your vet can give you more information about classes near you for socializing your puppy, making training fun.

The time spent training your puppy will make you bond more and help him grow as a well-behaved companion.

Children and Other Pets

Beagles are great with children as they are affectionate and loving.

They play together and would be involved when playing “fetch”.

When taking your puppy home from the breeders do not bring the whole family.

Let the puppy get familiar with one person. In addition to this, after some time starts allowing other family members to interact with her.

They interact well with both children and other pets.

Beagles are prone to many health problems that are common, including:

  • Joint problems.
  • Heart conditions.
  • Irritating skin conditions.
  • Ear infections.
  • Numerous eye problems.
  • Intervertebral disk disease is very common.
  • The urinary system is another target in complications.

Beagles live a good life but if you do not keep them healthy with regular exercises and activities and eating right they might get these health problems.

The short legs and long back posture can make Beagle develop Intervertebral disk disease. This disease causes hip dysplasia that is common in Beagles.

How you raise your Beagle should be beneficial and not detrimental to her health.

Some health problems are hereditary as they are passed from the parents. When getting your puppy from the breeders these are among the thing you should know.

If both the parents have been cleared from health problems its possible your puppy will be okay if you raise it right.

Skin allergies and tumors are common. Pass your hand as you groom your Beagle to feel if there is any lump in her body and if you get one take her for a checkup.

Beagles are prone to ear infections and hematoma due to their long flapping folded ears and narrow ear canals.

Heart defects are increasing in Beagles, especially pulmonic stenosis. Subsequently, cardiomyopathy, septal defect, and mitral valve disease, among others.

Kidney disease, urinary stones, and cancer of the bladder are some of the urinary infections in Beagles.

These health complications are fueled by your Beagle lifestyle and hereditary factor. As the dog owner ensure to give the best for your Beagle which will make him grow healthy.

Take your Beagle for a regular checkup at the vets.

Caring for a Beagle

With so many health issues that can crop up in your Beagle life, it is good to take your dog for regular checkups.

Ensure that all the early vaccinations had been given by eight weeks. Preventive medications can be arranged for like one for preventing heartworms.

Booster vaccination can be administered when yearly checkup commence as your Beagle gets to one year of age.

You need to be prepared before bringing your beagle home.

You need to have enough finances for vaccination, and neutering your pet.

Neutering can prevent future diseases that are related to tumors or cancer or even to prevent siring of more puppies.

In contrast, this might not be a smart move if you plan on breeding your Beagle when older.

Food is essential for your beagles with its active nature. When shopping for food go for food that has quality ingredients. Moreover, stick to specified proportion when feeding to avoid overfeeding your dog.

An obese dog can have many attacks health-wise with numerous diseases listed above in the health section.

Avoid food that has fillers, artificial colouring or chemicals.  Keep the food safe and nutritious for a healthy Beagle.

Talk to your vet or animal nutritionist when considering using homemade food to feed your dog with a balanced diet.

This is mostly done for dogs that are not comfortable with commercial food and feed a raw diet.


Beagles are pretty easy to groom. This will involve cleaning, brushing and bathing its long and floppy ears, and brushing its teeth.

Due to their sharp sense of smell, they might find something with a great scent and decided to roll in it.

Regular Grooming a Beagle Dog Breed

You have to groom them regularly to remove the scents from their coats and keep them clean.

Spending time together during regular grooming creates a greater bond between you and your dog and enhances your relationship.

Cut it nail frequently to void long nails which cause pain and difficulties in walking and running.

Do not let your beagles start smelling bad as their coat can look clean even when dirty.

You can bath your Beagle once a month as dirt and oil piles up on its coat. Even with that said if your Beagle loves playing in the dirt and muddy water you might need to clean it several times to keep her clean.

When outdoor hiking or on a road trip you can carry a compressed shower to clean her. Lukewarm water and soap/ shampoo and a towel should also be carried along.

If indoor use the bathtub or sink to bath your beagle depending on its size.

Wash from front to back soaping it, brushing it. Ensure to run your hand on the body to feel for any lumps or ticks.

Rinse her and dry with a towel.

For eyes and ears be careful to use clean cotton wool or wet towel for her face. Get an ear cleaner recommended by your vet to clean her ears.

Regular checkup might curb any ear infections if you notice a bad smell, red ears, coloured discharge, and scratching take her for a checkup at the vets.

Beagles are known to shed fur a lot in spring and fall seasons. Regular brushing reduces this and distributes healthy oils making her coat look shiny.


Beagles love running and walking for hours. They need 1 hour of exercise as they are active dogs.

These exercises help them stretch their muscles and prolong their life expectancy.

Beagles can live for 12-15 years in addition, with regular exercises, this will keep them strong and their heart health as they age.

Beagles are active animals and as you walk they tend to run and a harness or lead will come in handy when this happens.

With their tracking nature, they can run a lot in open fields or at the park which they enjoy.

A game of fetch can be incorporated in your exercises and training as it helps in stretching his/her muscles while jumping and running.

For puppies do not over-exercise her/him before 18months are over. This is when her/his skeleton body will be fully developed.

Also, ensure before you take her to her home environment, she has taken all her vaccination shots to avoid getting sick.

As a puppy, a one-mile walk is recommended. Moreover, after 18 months it is safe for her to do several activities like hiking and numerous walks.

Keep your dog hydrated during the exercises and walks.

You can use a Frisbee to exercise your dog.  Train her simple commands like “go” and “find” as you hide treats and rewards her when she obeys with a treat.


Beagles love eating and if you give a lot of treat and food can lead to obesity.

High activity levels might confuse you into giving a lot of food.

You need to follow proper feeding guide in different ages (puppy, adult or senior).

The food and portions you give your beagle will have effect in her/his health now or later on.

You need to ensure the food gives your dog proper growth, maintain his weight. Moreover, good for his energy and activity level, nutritious and will help him to develop physically and in brain development.

For the food to be beneficial to your beagle you need to choose the best foods for the active dog and right portions in relations to their age.

For the puppy Beagle, a lot of care should be taken when giving the food, you do not want to change food constantly to prevent stomach upsets.

The puppy can first be feed on milk in the first weeks then as she grows to start weaning and introduce her to small portions of solid food while still mixing with milk.

With training, you can schedule feeding time to avoid obesity. In a few weeks the puppy can feed 6 times in few hours intervals and as she grows 3 meals per day is enough.

Once you start training after a year and you are using a lot of treats the meals can go down to 2 meals per day. You do not want to overfeed your beagles as more calories mean an obese dog.

When shopping for their food avoid food with fillers, high-fat levels, and artificial ingredients.

If possible have homemade food and ensure it is balanced in nutrients.

We have different brands in the market that are well known and best for beagles.

Average Cost to Keep/Care for a Beagle

To care for a Beagle can be expensive as costs per months are many.  Especially vet care, pet insurance, food, routine grooming care. When it comes to grooming flea and tick preventative and nail trimming, treats and toys expenses are incurred.

The cost of the beagle itself can often be in the hundreds since they are often used as hunting dogs.

Sometimes the beagle can be mischievous and do destructive things.

You need to invest in a good and high fence to restrict them from jumping over or digging under when exploring.

Regular training is recommended to ensure consistent obedience from them.  In addition, get durable and high-quality collars and trackers to keep them in constant supervision.

The Beagle is a pretty low maintenance dog on average.

The cost of a Beagle puppy is between 250-900 pounds annually depending on Insurance, food costs, and veterinary costs excluding the buying cost of the puppy.

Another thing to think about is the cost of supplies.

To start with, Beagles need a collar, a leash, some toys, water and food bowls, a brush and a bed.

Prepare and buy everything before bringing them home.

This makes it pretty affordable as monthly upkeep cost you will need 70-100 pounds.

Breed Specific Buying Advice

Beagles are social and affection pet for any active household as they like to belong. They love children and adult company anywhere there is life.

They do not like being left alone this can lead them to mischief.

The best area for a Beagle is a big area or field where it should be fenced. They love running around and exploring and will not be comfortable in an apartment.

Beagle need daily care and exercise for 1 hour and will be best with an owner that has time. In addition, a good environment for its active nature.

As a dog owner buy a Beagle from a recognized beagle specialist. One who is a member of the beagle breed club and kennel club assured breeder schemes where you will see the puppy with one or both the parents.

Avoid obtaining a Beagle from a market, pet shop or puppy dealer.

Look out for breeder clubs. One that holds shows and social event that you are able to attend to get more information. Information about the puppy you are buying will be readily available do not rely on the internet when ordering for a puppy.

Final Tip

The Beagle breed is a great dog to invest in. Subsequently, you will still be providing a wonderful home for a dog who really is loving and affectionate. Makes an excellent option for families as its great with kids and other pets.