Who are RangersDog?

Hi, dog lovers!

I wanted to write a little update about our website and our aims for RangersDog.

We are an international family-run website which was born out of our collective love for our canine friends. We started blogging with two goals; to bring informative posts to our readers (and learn more ourselves), and to scour the market to review dog products that we ourselves would be happy to use.

Being honest with our readers means we are happy to tell you that often, if you see something you like and click on the link to make a purchase, we will make a variable commission on the sale. This supports our truly global family both in the UK and Kenya! We are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programme, please read our Legal Stuff here, and while i’m talking about legal stuff, our privacy policy is here.

We are always happy to hear feedback from our readers. If there is a product you think really needs to make one of our ‘best of..’ reviews – let us know! Likewise, if you see a product we feature and you feel it could be improved, we’re all ears.

RangersDog has grown since its conception in 2018, and we are now a busy little team of blog writers and product reviewers, both human and canine. Having an increase in the number of people who read our posts every month, means that product manufacturers have shown interest in working with us.

Lately, we have worked with several brands to review their products. What do we get in return? We get a free product, be it a dog camera, bed or harness, but we do not receive payment for advertising, nor are we in any way obliged to add their products to our ‘best of…’ product reviews. It is purely our choice, and you’ll see when we have. Our product reviews where a product has been gifted, will start with the heading ‘Ad|Product Placement’, click here for an example. Read more on our ‘Legal Stuff’ page.

What’s great about working with other companies is that we get to learn about fresh new products, or really good established brands we hadn’t previously come across, and we enjoy getting feedback from a team of 4-legged friends!

You will often hear us talking about our experiences with our own dogs too. Sadly, they are no longer with us, and our blog helps keep their memory alive. As we adjust to growing our human families, we are in the process of deciding when is the right time to adopt new additions of the 4-legged variety. We hope it won’t be too long! Whilst we deliberate on that decision, we have decided to do our own dog breed research, and hope to bring you some really helpful information on choosing the right dog for you.

What else, for RangersDog?

Well, we hope that this year will bring us more opportunities to provide our readers with helpful, meaningful blog content, excellent product reviews, and hopefully more collaborations with great companies whose products we want to showcase. We occasionally have ‘guest posts’, meaning someone from another dog website has offered to write us an informative post, and we welcome these as a way of bringing a greater variety of information and fresh ideas.

Please, let us know if there is anything else you would like us to feature on our web page, our ears are pricked up and our tails are wagging – woof!

RangersDog Admin