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Hi there! I’m a rangers dog, and this is my website (Rangers Dog). I respond to name Kiki so feel free to call me that. I do most of my adventures in the UK and I like playing in mud and along the beach in Whitby.

I like testing stuff so most of the time I will putting things to the test. In this blog, I have reviewed technology stuff like pet trackers, dog cameras, beds (my cat friend likes sneaking in when am not aware, its very cosy), dog accessories, training books for my fellow K9 (I can’t read though but love the pictures): Generally just dog stuff…Wooof


Part of me being crazy for my dog Kiki is because I grew up in a household of four brothers and being the only girl and the youngest I mostly played with my dolls. Having a pet was a lifelong dream come true. I befriended every dog I came along to in the park during my playtime, we would click at first sight. Years later when my husband brought Kiki home it was a scene to behold, I was overjoyed. Kiki is my best friend, we play together, cuddle and snuggle on the coach during winter as we watch TV, and go for stroll together when she wants to wander into the yard. She came as a puppy, joined our family, brought joy and warm spirit nature into our lives.

Dogs are loyal and original and Kiki has brought this out well for the past few years we have been together. Taking her to work on my less busy day has given me a well-rounded view of joys and life with a dog. I am more productive at work, happier and full of energy to go by the day. Basically I cannot get enough of Kiki, her sense of smell is on tops, she can smell around 10,000 scents at once, for example, she can smell bacon from a mile away even when asleep and rush to the kitchen barking. She wiggles her tail while greeting someone and wails in case she is hurt.

With time after studying her I have been able to differentiate between the different barks and cries, one for hunger, another for attention, another for injury, for encountering strangers or other dogs and for warning. I have to learn mannerism as we spent most of our times together. Kiki gives me comfort, is not judgemental and jumps at me when I get back from a crazy day at work. I feel welcomed and loved. She rubs at me when am in deep thought or just relaxed reading a book at night. She has become a perfect companion for exercising as she accompanies me for my hikes, walks or a stroll around the neighbourhood keeping my weight in check as well as hers. I have become more friendly and fun to be around especially in the park, the dogs play together and this way the dog owners are brought together by their dogs “match making “I guess it is sometimes funny.

Kiki from the time she came into our life, from a game of fetch to a treat from her toys I have been able to observe she is very obedient, when told to sit or stand down she obeys. At first I was afraid to leave her alone at home. I thought she would mess up the house and tear everything up because of anxiety but while at work I would look up my home camera and talk to her once in a while to just let her know I am with her even if I was far. She was patient and would bark when her meal time was near. I would toss a treat at her and she would be quiet. Kiki has now grown into the family and we treasure her so much. This was a perfect decision we did when Ken brought her home. She has brought positive energy in our lives each and every day. Just thinking that if we had not adopted her she could have been among the sad homeless dog’s pictures we see daily brought a tear in my eyes.

Kiki is a Labrador. English Labrador are breed that make wonderful family companion with fireside temperament which explains a lot about Kiki’s nature. With training Kiki turned out to be healthy, playful and well behaved. I and Ken met several years ago, got married and decided this was the dog breed for us as we are both playful, fun loving and full of energy. Hence the best pet companion we needed in our home was one that was full of energy and zeal and Kiki fitted it perfectly. We fell in love with her from the word go, her shiny coat, beautiful yellow colour and small eyes. Ken had always known I wanted a dog from the stories I told him about missing a playmate during my childhood as all my brothers were big. I had missed out a companion to play with and he wanted to fill that void. When I was bedridden due to my accident for a month he saw an opportunity to surprise me with a gift and brought Kiki home. She came home as a classy puppy, outgoing, gentle, kind, intelligent and even tempered. I have nurtured her as my best friend and it is so hard to separate her from me now. She came home to us when she was eight weeks old, vaccinated and dewormed and happy to have found a warm family.

Kiki comes from the family of the yellow Labrador, both its parents genetic formation had the yellow fur which lead to Kiki yellow lab colour. Yellow labs are widely known as guide dogs and world favourite pets. Its yellow colour has made the yellow Labrador associated with companionship, families and show rings. Also referred as English labs the yellow labs are world most famous and successful show labs used mostly in entertaining people.

History of yellow labs

In the 18th century the yellow labs ancestors came from England to Newfoundland as settlers who travelled from these regions. Yellow labs were good fishing and hunting companions and were very essential to the travellers.

The labs were divided into two breeds.

  1. The large Newfoundland dog.
  2. St. Johns dog/ancestor of our labs.

Yellow colour labs were very rare for a long time. The first known yellow lab that was recognised was Ben of Hyde. These early Labradors carried the genetic code that would enable them to produce brown puppies and some carried the code for yellow. In 1892 two brown puppies were born in Buccleuch estate in Scotland.

Years later in 1899, we got the first yellow Labrador to be recognised that is Ben of Hyde. Whatever the colour I have come to know Labradors have an amazing working ability, they are happy and hardy dogs, they have been nurtured and protected throughout generations. They are the most popular working retrievers in the world. They are very desirable be it black, brown, yellow colour still a favourite too many dog lovers. You might have noticed different shade of yellow labs from gold to pale buttermilk yellow to cream white and conspicuous fox red, which are becoming popular due to the famous shows and advertisement they are featured in. This bred is my best choice and picks number one as a friendly companion, a useful working dog, retriever for hunters, show competitor, search and rescue dog and good natured. At rangersdog.com we celebrate our dog Kiki and love sharing the joy that our dog bring to our lives each and every day. We have featured various articles that will keep you entertained, informed and interesting for every dog lover and owner. Also featured are organizations that can help you rehome a dog and give it a lovely home and bring joy into your lives like Kiki has done. A dog is a domestic animal a member of the Genus Canis which forms part of the wolf like canids. The Labrador retriever is a bred known as both friendly companion and a useful working dog breed. Today Labrador retriever is as good as good natured and hard working as his ancestors.

Most dog owners are employed hence is it safe to leave your dog alone for long?

Labs are famously friendly and social animals. They are compatible housemates who bond well with the family and neighbours.

Leaving him alone for many hours may make him bored and anxious. You can monitor your lab remotely at your work with the Petcube camera featured in our article dog cameras.

Manage your Lab energy to good levels

Your lab will be outgoing, have an easy going personality as it is an enthusiastic athlete that requires lots of exercises, might love outdoor activities like a game of fetch, swimming, hiking to keep physically and mentally fit.

Entertaining your Lab shows him love and care, you can get him ChuckIT, Flying squirrel toy and make your bonding sessions memorable. Your dog is your best friend so you want the best for him/her and keeping your dog healthy and fit is you’re no one priority. A sick dog will make you sulk and sad always with worry. Most dogs love running and Flying squirrel toy will keep your dog running giving it happiness and good health.

Is it wrong to crate train your puppy?

Consider your working hours. Are they long or short? Crate training can work for you if your dog does not get anxiety if left for many hours. AmazonBasics Folding Metal dog crate is one of the great crate designed for puppies and small breed dogs. It is safe, secure and affordable tool for potty training or behaviour training and can provide a comfy place to relax. A good crate will make your puppy learn potty training quickly and fast with your guidance.

Dogs are a source of unconditional love and help teach responsibility and cooperation. Most dogs thrive on training just as the saying goes ‘train your child while young and when he grows old he will not depart from it’. Our dogs are our babies and training them using a crate or pen can be useful. Your dog will know how to interact with its new family companion and friends and other dogs. If done wrong a dog crate can cause irreversible damage. You do not want your dog to start wetting its bed because you left it alone in its crate for so long with no option.

Check our various crates that can suit your dog’s needs.

Puppy training and getting it right first time round.

Information on puppy training is very essential. Getting ready before bringing your puppy home is very crucial. From the food, bedding, blankets, toys, veterinary services, crate, trackers information, best advice for caring for him will help a lot as your dog grows. Dog Training tips of reward based training first time round ensure your puppy understand when it obey your commands it gets rewarded, it can be with a treat. Essentially get everything you need to raise your puppy to be healthy, happy and well adjusted.

Are you ready for your furry friend?

The pictures are exciting in the mind but it will require commitment, love and hard work as you will be the new care giver to your dog from the time you adopt him. The positives of having a dog in your life are many. You will have a friend to take long walks in the park with our leashes or get a dog tracker to ensure its safety in the park or go for road trips together hiking. A companion for exercising which is good for your health. Check out benefits of having a dog, a pal to snuggle together on the coach on chilly winter nights, an energy boaster friend to play game of fetch with at the park. A dog can be all these and more, it brings positive energy to your life and is extensively explained in…

Different accessories that are good for your dog

Ever heard of better late than sorry. It can apply to your dog or puppy. Having a dog collar or leash can be a life saver. Many people think that dogs automatically know how to walk on a leash, this need training. It can be through house training or done from the shelters e.g. BlueCross which is a registered charity in England and Wales and Scotland. They find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK and find the right person for their pets. They provide veterinary services to pet owners who cannot afford and give free talks and workshops to educate them on their pets. This is one place where you can get to adopt a dog. The shelters ensures the dogs are dewormed and micro chipped and trained before they are rehome them.

More information can be viewed in our rehoming article: Finding a home for a dog, do you deserve and ready to get one?

Fortunately how to walk on a leash is one of the easier skills to teach a puppy. More leaches explained in the article on different leases you can get for your dog for training.

The leaches and collars, some have life saving features like flashing lights and led light that enable you to walk your dog in dim light environment or early morning or at night. Car owners will see your dog or puppy from far and avoid hitting it. Among the various leashes we would recommend blueberry collar and leash which is both attractive and has safety features.

Progress takes time but your puppy will learn the basics as you go.

Introduce him to the collar or leash. Let him get used to the wearing a collar and a leash. It can be for short period of time in the house when playing with him or when giving him treats. This will accustom him to associate the collar and leash for fun and food time.

When to introduce your dog to your friends

Socializing your dog is an important step in raising a balanced and happy dog. Dogs play together in the park and as a dog owner I have noticed my dog and other neighbourhood dogs come together and match make us too in the park. Research has shown that having a pet can make you more sociable. Check our dog training book which talks on Before and After getting your puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar. This is a must have for a dog owner as it makes you understand the dog world well.

Is your puppy feeding well and having a balanced meal.

A visit to the vet can be expensive if your dog is suffering from bloating, digestion issues or has a sensitive stomach you may need to feed it a special diet for your puppies and older dogs who are allergic or are dealing with weight management conditions. Our article on dog food: dry food and wet food has explained to the core about the best foods. Occasional healthy treats can be included in your dog’s meals. Train your dog on times for meals. This can be ideal with the automatic dog feeder. You do not want your puppy to beg for food when other family members are eating. Ignore those pleading eyes and give its treat.

Commitment to your dog and other responsibilities.

Before you bring your dog home consider the veterinarian bills. Your dogs will need routine vaccination, deworming, check-ups and treatment in case of injuries or illness. Are you ready to have a dog? Remember that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment with a variety of responsibilities. If you cannot meet these responsibilities neither you nor your dog will be happy. This will be a trying time as you will be put to test if you can take care of another being other than you. As your dog will mostly depend on your love and care hence you need to be ready for added responsibilities.

When at work remotely monitor your dog using petcube camera with its watch, talk and hear features and two-way audio you can communicate and ensure your dog he is not alone even when far.

Feeding your puppy what it entails?

Of course all puppies are different. Growing pup should be fed puppy food, e.g. Nutro Ultra Pate Dog Food liaise with your vet for proper feeding do not overfeed it. Many puppy owners wonder how long they should feed puppy food to their puppy. A puppy requires special formulated diet to meet the nutritional needs for normal development. Feeding adult food to your puppy may hinder it getting the required nutrients. A puppy can do 4 feeds in a day while a large dog can do 2 half portions daily to check on weight. When doing treat based training with your puppy, adjust the amount you feed at meal time accordingly. Keep the treats at a minimal.

Check the Furbo dog camera for more insight.

Is my dog cost effective?

Be it food or toys or training you want everything to be pocket friendly and to fit to your budget. You do not want your lifestyle to change just to be able to accommodate your dog. You want it to come to a comfortable and warm home. Your dog might prefer canned food to dry food. Canned food can be expensive at time but dogs find it palatable.

Featured extensively in our wet dog food article.

Your dog should have a complete, balanced diet to fulfil nutritional requirements. You do not want your dog with obesity, it can lead to diabetes, diseases of the heart. A young dog carrying too much weight has an increased risk of orthopedic problems, due to stress on immature joints. This problem has been solved by getting a good and comfortable bed for your best friend. We have beds that reduce pressure on your dog’s joints in case of injury or old age or has undergone surgery.

Check our varieties of beds good for your dog.

Kiddles, as stated by many dog owners, have dental hygiene advantage. The chewing the dog does help with jaw exercises and cleaning of teeth and gums. This can assist in your dog grooming health and save you a lot of time and money to your veterinarian.

The Labrador is well suited for active children. He is ideal for homes with older kids and also friendly to toddlers learning to walk around the yard. You can attach the dog stroller to a leash for your toddler to pull or push as you supervise. With time your toddler will be exercising and learning to walk.

For small pups and labs with joint problems, a dog carrier would help as you want your dog to enjoy its walk with no pains or you are travelling using a plane or by road. Labs enjoy attention and love and will turn out to be a fabulous companion.

If your lab is strong enough and can do long walk around the airport as you check in and out when travelling ensure it has its” tag on for ease of identification in case it wonders around. You do not want your vacation to be disrupted because you cannot find or trace your dog as the terminals which are sometimes crowded and your dog might slip off unknowingly.


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