What are the 10 Best Dog Toys for Your Puppy or Dog?

‘Last updated: December 16th, 2020’.

As a dog lover, you need to understand your dogs needs: physical exercises and intellectual exercises. Dogs learn quickly and by use of toys they can be active every time. Dog toys are a great way to bond with your dog and strengthen them mentally. We have listed several dog toys that can be beneficial to your four legged friend and come with many benefits including indestructible dog toys.

The importance of dog toys are highlighted below:

    • Bonding

Toys are a great way to encourage bonding in multiple dog households. If you have a pack of dogs in your homestead toys will encourage interactive playing and help dogs understand their place in the hierarchy of the home. A great way to bond with your dog is to engage in playtime that involves their favourite toys. Research has found a proven link between better health and dog owners.

    • Improved Dental health for your dog

It is very hard to clean your dogs’ teeth especially the stubborn dogs. Just like us humans, poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, malnutrition, infection and diseases for your dog and you do not want that. Surgical cleaning can be very hard on your dog as it requires a lot of finances and will require your dog to be put under anesthesia.

To avoid this and improve its dental hygiene invest in toys that are designed to clean your dog teeth as your dog plays. The chewing of the toys stimulates your dog saliva and help reduce plaque or its occurrence.

    • Intellectual benefits

Exercise helps your dog have a healthy weight and not become obese which is facilitated by playing with its toys. Feeding your dog and not letting it exercise will make it lazy and tired as it is not stimulated in the brain. The toys help in exercising and intellectual stimulation, even if your dog is the high energy dog it will relax.

    • Exercise

Just like us, we feel rejuvenated and relaxed after exercise even your dog feels the same. Many dog owners invest in toys to assist their dog’s exercise. Exercise is very crucial in your dog’s live as it cannot be obese, or ill and have painful joints due to weight problems. Having a ball to throw for a dog helps not only to keep exercise rigorous but also make fun for the dog and its owner.

tough dog toys


We have gathered 8 of our favourites dog toys on the market

# 1. Kong Classic dog toy

This is the best toy for chewers. It provides great jaw workout for your dog. This has been the best seller since its introduction it bounces all over the place, your dog will keep on chasing it around to fetch and exercising its leg muscle while at it. It is perfect for stuffing with treats and goodies for your dog inside. This stimulates your dog intellectual as it rolls around until the treats fall out for it to eat. It is a great entertainment toy as it increases your dogs’ mobility as it chases the toy around. The Kong classic dog toy is made from all natural rubber making it a safe play toy which your dog can chew. The plastic is durable and ok to chew offering enrichment by helping satisfying dogs’ instinctual needs. Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide for ailing dogs and those with less mobility to make them active making your dog healthy. Safe to be cleaned in a dish washer.

KONG Bounzer Dog Toy, Medium, Red
498 Reviews

# 2. Mammoth Flossy chews dog toy

This is a 25 long inch knot rope ideal for your dog if it loves rope toys and it is affordable. The fibres in the rope help floss your dogs’ teeth and keep them clean. Your dog can play tug of war with it or just chew. It has cotton blend colour material for colour lovers.

# 3. Zippypaws Skinny Dog Toy

The toy length is 18 inches, great for medium sized dogs. Zippypaws toy is a skinny plush dog toy squirrel shaped with different colours that will keep your dog entertained. It has no stuffing hence lightweight for your dog to fetch and run around with it assisting in its mobility.

# 4.Chew toys for teething puppies

This is a must-have toy for dog owners. It includes carrot chew, plush, ropes, and rubber puppy toys giving a variety to your dog to play with. This toy is pretty and attractive, draws the dogs’ attention and meets different requirements for different age dogs.  It improves the relationship between you and your dog as you play together, your dog will love it. It is made of good material which is non-toxic and safe even if your dog chews. The chewing cleans your dogs’ teeth, help control plaque and tartar buildup. It is easy to wash and clean.

# 5. Nylabone Real flavour chew toy

This Nylabone has chicken flavour to attract your dog to chew as it will find it irresistible. It has a dog friendly design so your pup can get a good chew to exercise its jaw muscles. Nylabone are not edible – as much as your pup enjoys chewing supervise closely, keep your pup safe.

# 6. Kong Squeaker tennis balls

If your dog is active this toy will make you bond with your dog very fast as it is perfect for games of fetch at the park or at home. It squeaks to induce play and makes it entertaining for your dog. Safe for your dogs’ teeth as it has non-abrasive tennis material. It comes in a pack of 3 hence great for a household of multiple dogs.

# 7. ChuckIT, Flying squirrel toy

Most dogs love running and a Flying squirrel toy will keep your dog running, giving it happiness and good health. With its unique star-shaped it has raised sides for easy pickup and flies great for an easy catch by your dog. You can play with your dog at night or in a dim light environment as it glows in the dark. It floats in water hence dogs that love water activities can have this toy as an added advantage to make their activities fun.

# 8. Bubby Chuckle play toy

Can be used to entertain as well as entice a dog to play due to its animating noise. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It is recyclable and dishwasher safe. It can be filled with treats and kiddle which your dog can enjoy during playtime. importantly, it is safe for your dog as it is made from natural rubber.  Additionally, the vanilla scent encourages your dog to play with the toy giving it more fun. It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

# 9. Chuckit Launcher Compatible Ultra Ball

Definitely a classic – we love these for playing on the beach because it means I don’t have to touch a slobbery, sandy ball! Great for exercising an energetic pooch, throw the ball further than you could otherwise. This one comes with a ball included.

# 10. Busy Buddy Dog Toy Ball – Treat Feeder Tooth Cleaning Ball

We love this nifty little treat ball. Made from a tough bite resistant, nontoxic rubber, just pop in a few kibbles and keep them entertained for hours! This ball can also aid with dental health when chewing the unique surface, whilst keeping a bored pooch happy. We started with a treat ball so we’ll finish with one too!

I have spent many days testing toys with my dog and plenty of research and finally came up with these toys that I hope will assist you greatly to get your pick of the tough indestructible dog toys . Choosing the right toy is up to you. Am sure your dog could choose all of them as their favourite.  As the dog owner am sure when choosing a toy you will consider your dog destructive nature, its likes and dislike and the pointers above.

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