The best dog tracker in the market – the 13 top pet tracking devices

Have you lost a valuable item and felt so bad wishing it could give you a sign for faster locating? It is even worse when you know your furry friend can be facing a threat. GPS, GSM and Bluetooth Dog trackers technology has made this possible to keep track of our four legged friends.
It’s not as if tracking technology is new. We have seen the fitness trackers take the British by storm in recent years. Everyone is tracking how many steps they’ve taken, their sleep duration and miles run, we have it on our childrens backpacks. Therefore, adopting this technology for dog or cats will be easy. Technology has enabled us to monitor our dogs when far with the best GPS locators, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth usage and satellite mapping. You can be at work, home, on a trip but still have a piece of mind as you track your furry friend.
Considering how our dogs bring so much happiness and relaxation into our lives it is our duty to keep them happy, safe and healthy. 66000 lost, stolen, injured and stray dogs are handled by councils in the UK every year, this is based on the latest research figures and we can reduce this by getting pet trackers for our loved pooches. At Rangers Dog, We have tested plenty of pet trackers to help you make an informed choice when procuring one.

Buyers Guide when choosing a tracker, please consider:

    • Durability

Is the tracker long lasting, is it waterproof, does it have a guarantee in case of defects? Consider if your pet is large and active.

    • Battery life

Most trackers use battery, one should consider  how long the battery can last if it is charged because your dog can get lost for many days hence if your battery can last for 3 days or 5 or 30 it will make all the difference for your dog.

    • Continue costs

Cost in terms of subscription and maintenance should be clear and the dog owner should know is it monthly or annually subscription. But with the internet devices use of Google maps to ascertain your pet whereabouts has ensured the subscription is fading off. The

    • Range

Some trackers can find your dog within inches while others have a wider locating radius of about 10 feet hence consider this too.

    • Accuracy

The tracker should be accurate and fast in transmitting data in case your furry best friend wanders away.

The 13 best dog trackers

#1 – Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

tractive GPS tracker for dog and cats


Never lose your dog again with Tractive Dog tracker.  The tractive GPS pet tracker is the best selling Global Positioning System tracker on Amazon. Most of its amazing features are : It is lightweight 35g and waterproof. Easy to set making it the simplest pet tracker yet effective on the market. It is the smallest GPS tracking device with an integrated Sim-card which can be securely attached to your dog collar and allows you to track your dog from your computer or smartphone. you are able to view your dog when it leaves home and where it is heading and if it leaves the speculated area an alert is sent to you.It has a reliable real-time location tracking and monthly service fee is affordable start at £4.49(price may change).

Other features include:

  • compatible with iOS, Android and window smartphone.
  • batteries last 2-5 days when fully charged.
  • can be used to track cats, horses, and kids.

The major cons are:

  • must pay a monthly fee.
  • not ideal for consumers wanting long battery life.
  • GPS device relies on cell services so will not work out of range.-need a second backup tracker.
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
List Price:£39.99
Price Disclaimer


#2 – Pod 3 Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Although in this article we might state Pod 3 might be the best dog tracker we recommend you read through this article as every dog tracker will have its pros and cons and as wise said “one shoe doesn’f fit all”.
Weighting in at only 31 grams, the Pod 3 is a small, lightweight cylindrical tracker suited for all dog sizes even the smallest dogs without causing discomfort and that’s why even cat lovers use them too on their cats.
Although dog trackers are made for their finding feature we cant ignore their aesthetics, the Pod 3 is actually both stylish and subtle. The Pod 3 uses the 3 communication cornerstones of GPS tracking – WiFi (which helps deliver faster positions and offers the ability to locate indoors), GSM Cellular and bluetooth which gives it more access channels if one fails. It’s perfect for outdoors as it’s waterproof with IPX7 rating makes it superior to some of the other GPS brands.

Other features include:

  • Escape alerts – Receive alerts on your phone when your pet leaves your set boundary.
  • Activity monitoring – Monitor your pet’s fitness levels to make sure they’re staying active.
  • Record adventures – Record up to 8 hours of your pet’s secret life with continuous tracking.
  • Global range: Pod works in 175 countries around the world. You can even locate between countries, which is awesome.
Pod 3 - GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor
List Price:£95.20
You Save:£20.61
Price Disclaimer


#3 – Dynotag web/GPS Enabled Tracker

Made from strong steel and coated with a protective layer, this deluxe waterproof/weatherproof property tag is handsome and tough. Braided stainless steel loop included. Place a drop of glue in the steel loop screw connector to make it permanent. This is web-powered and can work anywhere on the globe within internet coverage and give you email notifications if need be. Does not require a smartphone. Uses PASSIVE GPS tech to track when the tag is viewed. Maintenance is free as no monthly subscription is required. It is easy to set up, you activate the tag and your dog is good to go. This tracker comes with gold-level full functionality and lifetime subscription is included. It requires no batteries and it is easy to use if your pet is lost and someone scans the QR code using any smartphone it will notify you of your dogs’ location.


#4 – SafePet4Me Tracker Review

This FCC–certified pet tracker is attached to an existing pet collar or harness with a clip or chain. Weighs 2 ounces and is suitable for dogs. It is waterproof and can withstand powerful jets of water. Best for dogs who love swimming, water activities or walk in the rain, the device will not get damaged. It is fast to connect for tracking it takes 45 to 120 seconds. The free pet tracking app is downloadable on iOS and Android device and is easily available on iTunes and Google maps. The SafePet4Me tracking system support geo-fencing hence you are able to set safe zones for your pet and receive alerts if the dog leaves the area. It updates you after 5 seconds and accuracy of this GPS pet tracking system is within 16 feet. the cons include being one of the expensive pet trackers on the market and does not have a review yet on Amazon to gauge it.


#5 – Garmin Alpha 50 Tracker with Collar T5 Review

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Even with a hefty price the Garmin Alpha works efficiently. SportDOG ensures that its features prove this is the pinnacle of tracking perfection.  It weighs 9.6 ounces with the batteries. Comfortable to wear for your dog. It is waterproof as it withstands exposure to rain, snow or immersion in water. Its features includes USB interface with a large font, 1.7 G memory, a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass. This tracker is ideal for a pack of up to 50 dogs and can be used when you are hunting, camping or living in a large property with your dogs for a distance of up to 9 miles or 14.5km. The tracker can be customised to show the dog name, location, status and direction of travel. It has an antenna meaning even when a dog is lost in a deep forest or in a crowded place you will be able to track your animal.


#6 – FitBark Dog monitor Review

FitBark Dog monitor Inspire a healthy lifestyle for your dog, and you as you can set relevant health goals (vs similar dogs) and monitor your dog’s everyday activity and sleep 24/7. Chart your dog’s progress next to yours linking your personal fitness tracker. Get peace of mind when travelling, or when apart. keep yourself and others honest, accountable and informed. enable your friends, dog walkers, daycares, boarding providers, veterinarians and anyone else in the life of your pet to share memorable moments with you via the Fitbark journal. Get new behavioural and medical monitoring insights. watch your dog closely when they’re not feeling well. monitor the development of certain issues (e.g. post-surgical recovery, rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, separation anxiety, dermatitis, weight loss etc.) and make better decisions with your vet. it is tiny, ruff & waterproof with long battery life. Fitbark is beautiful & tiny (8 grams), and fits snugly on the collar of dogs of any size. chihuahuas and Tibetan mastiffs are both welcome – just use a collar not wider than 1.18 inch. it’s also rugged & waterproof and has battery life up to 14 days.

Free apps and responsive customer service. all the Fitbark apps (ios & android apps & web dashboard) are free to use. If you’re concerned about whether your lazy companion is getting enough exercise be fit and keep your dog fit by using Fitbark dog monitor and you will love the results.  The one-off price is reasonable and has a good selection of functions. Rates 4.3/5.0 on Amazon.


#7 – SportDOG Tek 2.0 Tracker Review

This tracking device is suitable for dogs weighing over eight pounds with a neck size of 13 inches or more. It works with FHSS, GPS and GLONASS which is a secondary satellite system and therefore does not need a cellular network to operate hence no monthly subscription.  It has a seven-mile tracking range. FHSS which is short for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and what that does is it provides immunity to signal interference & allows for higher transmitter output power, resulting in superior range performance. It has a range of 10 miles or 16km. It can be submersible up to 7.6m of water and the handheld device 1.5m as it is waterproof. It can be used to track a pack of dogs up to 21 dogs at once using additional collars. With fully loaded colour maps that help provide you with the location of your dog, or 21 dogs at once. SportDOG ensures that its features prove this is the pinnacle of tracking perfection. The Map Offers a full-screen view of any map data that has been loaded on the Handheld Device. A GPS cursor displays your current location and additional GPS-related information. The handheld device has 8 hours of battery life and collar has 24 hours per charge on a 3-second reporting. It is durable and long lasting which can stay for 5 years. It comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty. It can also be used for dogs on training or hiking. It updates every 2.5 seconds which is very fast.

Issues with the tracking device are that its expensive than others in the market, however, they are accurate and provide security and fast update. It is amazing with its up the top features making it one of the most advanced tracking devices in the market and rates at 4.7/5.0 on Amazon.

#8 – Loc8tor (Lite) Pet GPS for Dogs review

Ever worry about losing your pet? It is unthinkable and the best way to ascertain their whereabouts is a Loc8tor pet GPS tracker to help track your pet. it has been an award-winning product assuring you it comes highly recommended. It is a small and light of its kind as the handset is the size of a credit card weigh 5 grams and makes it extremely easy to use where ever it’s needed. It will pick up the signal emitting from your pet’s collar as soon as you press the locate button, provided you’re in range. It has a splash-proof case making it durable. It has a locate mode which alerts you when your dog leaves a predefined boundary. Do not let your dog be a statistic? get a Loc8tor tracker which will guide you where to walk to find your dog with Audio & visual cues on a handset and Tag guide you to within 2.5cm / 1 inch. other features include:

  • Great Range – Up to 122 metres /400 feet (clear line of sight).
  • Ultra-portable – Handset is the size of a credit card.
  • Pack Contents: 1 x Loc8tor Pet, 2 x Mini Homing Tags,2x Pet Splashproof cases,2x Splashproof cases, Key ring loop and adhesive strips, Wall mount bracket, Multi-language user guide, All batteries included.


The only con we found was,

  • Has to be within range- to be in a tracked specified area.
  • Not ideal for hilly or mountain areas as it has to be within a clear line of sight.


#9 – PeTrack

PeTrack takes the first position among the rest. It is our favourite as it deactivates itself when your pet is asleep due to a motion detection sensor which preserve the battery life and extend the device use. It is a streamlined GPS tracker you can attach to your dog collar. It makes use of a satellite network to provide you with tracking results within 10 feet. It is waterproof, mud proof that your puppy or dog might be used to because of its durable design. It can initiate geo fencing for your dog by use of a free mobile app hence will send alerts immediately when your dog wanders outside of that location. It is light weight as it is small. Durable as it is made of synthetic material and a waterproof casing. It is a tracker that is able to keep track of your pets’ location so you can easily track previous destinations. With a free smartphone App for both Apple and Android devices monitoring is made possible. This app offers live GPS locator tracking of your dog location, or multiple pets in the same interface. PeTrack GPS tracker is a multifaceted device that gives you comfort in knowing your pet movement.




#10 – Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS is the most popular selling GPS Pet tracker as it offers you 3 distinctive characters most dog lovers will want: 1. On-demand notifications on smartphone, 2. Track and find your pet anywhere on our map app and can switch to satellite view, 3. Health benefits as you can set custmo goals and identify behaviour changes based on trends.
Whistle uses advanced GPS location tracking. You’d think the base would include something like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to facilitate communication with the Whistle and your smartphone or the Internet, but it doesn’t. Instead, the Whistle connects to the Internet over 3G only.
The device attaches to your dog’s collar with a plastic clip and a rubber strap. The tracker itself slides in and out of the clip easily, so you can remove it and place it in the charger base station as needed. The Whistle itself is water-resistant (not waterproof), with an IP67 rating.

– Track activity
– Accurate range
– Frequent notification
– Mulitple pets in one account
– Long battery life

– Individual pet plans
– No adventure tracking



#11 – Pebbell GPS Tracker

The Pebbell GPS Tracker is compact and ideal for any pet. This GPS Dog Collar tracking device is small and perfect for your pet and fits on any collar & harness. It’s ideal for anyone who can’t or won’t use a conventional mobile phone. The reason why this one has been added even though it’s actually on the expensive side and its main feature, the alarm. Designed for children and the elderly it is so easy to adapt to a dog.
If your dog is lost and someone finds your dog but cannot find you, the finder just needs to press the SOS button. Once this has been pressed; an SOS text message is sent to all the registered contacts (3 nominated SOS contacts ) that contains key information about the status of the device. The Pebbell’s two way speech allows you to directly communicate with the contact.

Technical Features:
– In built rechargeable battery with adapter
– SOS Alarm Button
– Movement Sensor
– Geo-fence Location Alerts
– 10 Day Battery

– Lightweight 35g
– Two way communication so you can chat to pet finder
– Need a human to activate SOS button.
– Not ideal for hunting or extreme weather walking (not waterproof).

HoIP Pebbell (Blue)
Price Disclaimer



#12 – Kippy GPS Tracker Monitor

The Kippy Vita GPS is made of steel making it more cumbersome. It weighs 45g which is bigger than majority of the better trackers we review. It does have an unique design though with different coloured fascias. The product has features which allows you to set a virtual fence, or geofence, and get a notification when your pet crosses the fence. It has an app for both IOS and Android which is very handy for smart phone users. It is waterproof, shockproof and tough and also comes with a generous 2 year warranty should something not be as expected.

– Has an anti-shock feature which ensures the safety of your pet
– GPS can provide you with updates every six seconds
– You can set customized goals and ensure that they are met
– It is easy to install on the harness
– 4 days battery life (not 7 as advertised)

– The product feels bulky
– The GPS occasionally lags at times and would require no obstacles and clear skies for it to respond to its full capability
– Monthly subscription fee


#13 – ReachFar GPS Pet Tracker

The ReachFar GPS dog tracker is a paw print (very original) designed dog tracker which clips on to an existing collar. Although it looks simple this tracking device is fully packed with amazing features and is also easy on the wallet. One catching feature which captured me on this devices is its Wifi Anti-lost feature,you can set two Wifi address as the safe area. If your pet get out of the safe range of your home. It will send alarm message to let you know. It also has Geo-fence bigger than safe area so when your pet out of the area, the device will alarm you.

Technical features:-
– Two WiFi area used as safe zones (primary & secondary Wifi address),
– The ReachFar tracker has a normal mode and an accurate mode which can be activated for a real lost dog situation,
– Has an LED light feature which comes on automatically when it gets dark. Ideal for late night or early winter morning dog walkers as it give you the dogs visual location.
– Rustproof and waterproof,
– Keeps historic location logs,
– 3 days Tracking time,
– 10 days Battery life,
– Fairly easy to use App.


Final thoughts

Dog tracker is the way to go. Technology has made everything easy to keep your dog safe and within reach even when far. Having a dog tracker or dog tracking collar can provide peace of mind. Even the most obedient dog can get distracted and lost in the right circumstances, so being able to see your pet’s location can help you relax when he’s off the lead. Get one now and keep smiling daily as you know your furry friend will be safe and traceable always.
Whistle and Pod trackers allow you to define virtual “safe areas” around your home. If your pooch walks outside of these areas, the device will send you an alert. Tractive small size and lightweight design makes it one of the best small dog GPS trackers but is let down by the battery life. Tractive can be activated to illuminate and can help find your pet in the dark. All these 3 devices allow you track their activity levels.
If your dog likes adventure and is involved in hunting, hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities then you might want to consider the SportDOG Tek 2.0. As you can see all the tracking devices have their own strength and based on what you need the tracker for you best consider all the features, pros and cons to make an informed decision.
PeTrack almost took the our overall favourite because of its durability, accuracy and ability to “sleep” along with your pet to preserve battery life. This is a streamlined GPS tracker you can attach to the collar your dog already wears, however, the Pod 3 Pet Tracker takes the crown with great useful features like the ultrasonic module which mimics a dog whistle and a torch along with the activity monitor and its also stylish.

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