Teaching your lab to put his toys in the toy basket

Every birthday I dreamed about opening a pink box with a tie ribbon on it and a puppy jumps out and lick my face. A dog has always been man best friend from our ancestors’ time. All the fantasies about the name I would give my puppy or the breed I would prefer have stayed with me ever since I was eight years old. Kiki being a Labrador is very playful and the house is full of toys to entertain her. With all the energy she has got we had to put it to use for activities and games. Every day is a fun day for Kiki unless she is not feeling well, you will find her jumping, running around the yard, chewing or snuggling around our legs.

Do you spend several minutes’ daily picking up your dog toys and putting them away? Kiki was also like that, leaving toys lying around after playing but with a bit of training she can now pick her toys and put in the toy basket and keep the house and yard tidy. Most dogs are like kids they take all their toys and spread them around the house until it looks like a pile of rubbish.

Instead of getting tired daily teach your dog to clean up her/his own mess. Show your dog to be responsible and help you around the house and at the end of the day, both of you will be happy.  Your house will be neat and you will bond more.

Training procedure-picking toys up

We will make this training g as simple as possible, as a dog owner I love simplicity as it has worked better for me and my dog Kiki. To make this happen:

  • Get a toy box or basket for her toys.
  • Pick her favourite toys for the training.
  • Have a treat for reward training when she obeys

Labs are great at fetching hence it will be easy to train your puppy. Through playing a game of fetch with your dog at the park it already knows how to fetch.

  • Put a box neatly in the middle of the room near you, throw a toy for your dog to fetch.
  • Point into the box where you want your dog to drop the toy (use actions only).
  • Once it does that throw it a treat and say well done.
  • Repeat the process severally and your dog will understand.
  • If it does not drop the toy into the box do not reward it.
  • After several tries, it will put the toy into the box.
  • Try with different toys while you are still near.
  • After the game of fetch try putting toys near the box and wait for it to pick and put in the box.

After passing the two practical’s you can start using cues. Talk to your dog in a calm tone to get a positive reaction. You can use words like tidy up, clean up, put in the basket, and pick up toys after tossing the toys and point into the box.

If the toys are many for picking only reward after she/he has picked all toys and dropped into the basket.

The Automatic dog bowl/feeder can be used to toss a treat in the box after your dog has dropped the toy inside as this fasten the process.

Make it fun for your dog to enjoy, do not do it when your dog is tired or aggressive. Some dogs are fast to learn others take weeks hence do not be frustrated. Understand your dog and constantly try training when it wants to play or is relaxed. This simple training procedure will train your dog to keep the house clean and put toys away where they are required.

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