Babies and dogs, can there be a positive relationship?

Kids and dogs are naturally attracted to each other. Babies can be shown how to be responsible and take care of puppies. You want your dog to be incorporated well into the family setup and welcomed warmly by your children as it boosts their confidence. You can train your baby on what they need to know about exercise for their dog, selecting chew toys, clicker training to make the bonding experience interesting.

You can give your baby the role of game partner to your dog. Let them have fun playing with the dog and taking a stroll around the yard. If your baby is learning to walk you can attach a leash to the dog stroller or encourage your toddler to push it. The baby will learn to walk quickly and still be best of friend with the dog.

A dog can be a lovely gift for any baby, I would highly recommend. They are books that one can acquire to prepare your baby well for having a puppy in the house, they teach on dog tricks, clicker training, exercises, selecting chew toys and teaching them on how to socialize. If you have brought home a puppy, you might be feeling just a little nervous and overwhelmed, who would have thought a tiny lovable creature like your new puppy could create so much confusion, right?

Preparation helps you answer all your questions, clear up your confusion and let you become the best dog owner in town. Confusion can come about when you do not have a plan on how to take care of your baby and dog at the same time and what to do next at any time, or worry that you have missed out. Just do not worry take care of the dog like the baby, be confident you are doing everything necessary to ensure you raise a happy healthy well-trained dog alongside your baby. The goodness is the work become easy if your dog is house trained, can walk comfortably on a leash and is fun to be around the baby. With several training books on this topic as a dog owner who has a small baby, you can get one for more insight. It will be a great resource and will give your baby and kids the confidence they need in order to bring up a happy and well-mannered puppy.

Questions most parent ask when they want to adopt a dog is, Is the baby safe around the dog? With the scaring several dog stories about children being mauled by dogs or injured can scare any parent. Regardless of all those, we have many happy stories of dogs and babies, being their guardian, security, saving them from drowning, playing with the baby. Dogs bring immense joy to our lives.

You can prepare your dog for a new-born baby. To minimize stress for your dog and reduce the chance of an accident you can make changes and prepare before your baby is born so that the transition is easier for you and your dog. This can be a hectic time and a lot of changes will take place to accommodate both your dog and baby. This is the time to be keen on your dog sensitivities, socialize your dog around children in a positive and controlled environment.

Preparing your dog for your baby.

  • Allow your dog to be familiar with the baby equipment, for example, you can let your dog sniff on your baby blanket and get familiar with its smell.
  • Teach your dog the behaviour you want around your baby. This can be done through crate training or get professional help to train your dog and read books on this topic to get cues.
  • Role play with a teddy bear in your baby carrier with your dog and see how it reacts.
  • Walk your baby stroller with your dog to create a routine before the baby is born.
  • Get the baby things, lotion, carrier, car seat, and a baby doll and act like it’s the baby to familiarize your dog with the upcoming changes. The dog can sense it due to your change in moods and hormones and your behaviour.
  • Visit your vet for required meds. You do not want your new-born baby to catch anything from your dog.
  • As a parent sometimes babies can tend to be nagging and can get you on edge. Even your dog will feel the pressure, be cautious do not leave your baby alone with the dog. Remember a dog comes from the wolf lineage and close monitoring should be done always. If you have an emergency, need to pick the feeding bottle from the kitchen, want to use the restroom if you are alone take the baby with you.
  • Sometimes it can become a lot of work to look after the baby and your dog. As much as your dog came first the love will always be there but your baby will need more attention now. You can hire someone to watch the baby or play with your dog if you cannot manage. You still need your ample rest. I experienced this but Ken was always there to help one way or another.
  • Positive reinforcement based training method with the dog will make your dog cope well quickly with the baby changes. Never punish or scold the dog when the baby is around. Most dog owners want all associations with the baby to be positive in the dogs’ mind but remember dogs can be territorial and jealous of their space and toys being encroached.
  • Keep the baby safe and off the floor and your dog happy and if you need more professional help to have a healthy relationship between them get it fast.

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