Grooming your dog can be fun – featuring 11 best products in our review guide

Grooming your dog is very important. It should not be considered a chore but a time to spend quality time with your dog. It is important to its general health and well-being. It should be fun especially if she/he is the excitable type. Here are some tips when grooming your dog.

Have a routine

Establish a routine with your dog on grooming time and it will get used to it. Do not pick a brush when your dog is expecting you to grab the leash and take it for a walk. The grooming process routine will take time for your dog to get used to maybe a couple of tries, ensures your dog is relaxed and patience for it to be a success.

Early start

Your dog getting used to grooming might take time. Ensure you start early it will be better and get used after a while. If you have adopted an older dog, establish a routine and with time it will catch up.

Establish specific grooming spot

This can be outside in the lawn, garage and bathroom. It is important you identify a comfortable area for your dog and every time it sees you in the spot it will know it is grooming time.

Be flexible

If your dog is not up to grooming, do not force it. Reschedule to a time it is comfortable. To make your dog feel good about their grooming ensure to give it a hug and a treat, it will love constantly doing it because of the attention and love.

Grooming calendar

Have a maintenance schedule for your dog grooming in the calendar. Grooming is not only brushing, you have to clean ears, eyes, paws, bathing, nail trimming and basically it involves a lot. Grooming can be done daily, weekly or monthly depending on your dog breed. Note in your calendar.

Daily or weekly

For brushing of your dog it can be done weekly or daily depending on the dog breed. Brushing help in maintaining your dog coat as regular brushing is important. Dog brushing depends on the dogs’ coat which goes hand in hand with the amount she/he regularly sheds. It removes dirt, spreading the natural oils on the skin and prevent the coat from tangling and matting. Dogs with smooth, short coats can be brushed once a week but the once with dense fur that are prone to matting need to be brushed every few days. Dogs with long, silky hair require daily attention. Seek groomers or veterinarian opinion on how to best care for your dog’s coat when you visit them.


Wipe any dirt from the corners of your dog’s eyes .once per week brush its teeth and check the gums. Wipe her ears and for long floppy ears a veterinarian may recommend an ear wash for regular grooming for dogs like Cocker Spaniel.


Ensure you trim your dog’s nails, wash it once a month or give a full-body wipe down with formulated cleaning wipes or shampoo it. Reapply flea and tick treatment as directed, you do not want your house infested. If you are capable of expressing your dog’s anal sacs, ensure you do it or have it done professional if not.

If your dog loves water activities like swimming or hiking ensure you brush and bath it afterwards to make it feel clean and refreshed. Use every grooming session as an opportunity to look for lumps on your dog or skin irritation and evidence of fleas or ticks. Grooming can save your dog’s life.

Popular Grooming products

Popular grooming products include dog brushes and combs, nail trimmers, dog shampoos, dog ear care and dog hair clippers.

#1 – Dog brushes and combs.

They are different types of dog brushes in the market for different dog types. Choose a brush or comb that best for your dog. Bristle brushes work well from soft to firm, long to short hair. Wire pin brushes are best for dogs with medium to long hair. Slicker brushes are used to free up tangles and mats in medium to long haired dogs. Flea combs are used to detect fleas while shedding tools have special teeth that remove excess hair form double-coated breeds and reduce shedding.

  1. Furminator deshedding tool

This is an excellent grooming tool that is both effective and convenient.  This tool is worth the cost, as it gives satisfying results. Does your dog have unwanted hair? For best results use Furminator deshedding tool. It is designed to promote healthy skin and coat and reduces loose hair from excess shedding. It dramatically reduce shedding 95% in under 15 minutes guaranteed. It is very fast. Having one will save you money with your vet or pet groomer. Its high performance 4 inch, stainless steel rust resistant comb reaches deep into the undercoat. Comb is easily removable for quick wash. It is gentle on your dog skin and leaves it with a shiny coat. It keep allergy at bay as you brush your dog daily. It is easy to use, durable and has a comfortable design. Available in multiple sizes and styles to suit dogs of various sizes and coats. The Furminator can be expensive compared to basic grooming tools and may irritate sensitive dog skin if used incorrectly.



#2 – Nail trimmers

The knowledge of proper techniques and use of the right nail trimmer can help ease the stressful process for the dog and its owner. Claw style trimmers are spring loaded and cut the nail in a scissor like design. Guillotine trimmers have a replaceable blade that cuts the nail when the spring loaded handle is depressed. Dogs with small delicate nails can use scissor-like trimmers which do not have springs. Also a filing grooming tool ensure your dog has a smooth edge nail. Long nails can make your dog have difficulty in walking and the curving can lead to painful sores. Before you begin your dog nail trim, be sure to have the right equipment

  1. Pliers trimmer

Professionals prefer the pliers type trimmers. They are spring loaded and the mechanism resembles garden pruners. They are easy to use and blades stay sharp for long. The safety stop prevent injury. It is stainless steel and quality guaranteed. Manufacturer’s warranty will not apply.




  1. Resco clipper

Guillotine style clipper has an internal blade and a hole to line up the nail. When the handle is squeezed, the blade comes up to trim the nail. For it to work properly you need to hold the handle down below the dog’s paw with the nail hole at the top. The screw should be facing towards your dog. It has a lifetime warranty as the clipper is of high quality and made to last. Premium chrome plating adds durability, comfort and shine. It has a patented blade replaceable technology.



  1. Harzara nail clipper

This has a scissor like design. It has a curved blade to cut the round nail. These trimmers are useful for smaller nails perfect for puppies and small breed dogs. It has a sharp thick stainless steel blade for a clean fast cut and guaranteed to last for years. It has a large finger hole rubbered for comfort and to give you a great grip for trimming. Comes with a free bonus bag for your nail clipper storage for easy find. It comes with simple instruction in a reference card with images to make it stress free as possible for you. Get the best, get Harzana nail clipper for your puppy as it is a quality product.



  1. Omorc Electric Nail Grinder

Trim your dog nail after cut with a filer if it is patient and relaxed. If not a nail grinder can work just fine. This electric clipper help keep your beloved pets nail well-trimmed quickly and easily. It is more secure and efficient than the traditional nail clipper and it reduces the risk of hurting your dog. It has low noise technology and will not scare your dog away or cause discomfort. It has four ports for different sized nail hence you choose a suitable one according to your dog size. It has 12 months buyer guarantee on new items and  is easy to operate.



  1. Topop 4 Electric Trimmer kit

If your dog is constant getting a trim Topop Electric trimmer is sharp and has a safe blade. This ceramic blade will stay sharp forever, it will not rust and does not heat up. It will not get jammed and tugged on your dog’s hair. It low noise and vibration will not intimidate your dog during its haircut. It is cordless and will allow you to freely move in any direction. The electric trimmer is rechargeable. It comes with 4 sizes that allow you to cut your dogs’ hair to the length you like. Save your money as it is cheaper than a singles session at the groomer.



#3 – Kwik Syptic powder

Your dog might bleed if you cut the nail very short. It’s not intentional but if it happens Syptic powder can stop the bleeding quickly and is easy to apply. You can use a tissue, towel for a while but for how long will you be able to hold your dog in one place without movement? It will be impossible so Syptic powder will come in handy.


ARC Laboratories Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder for Dogs
List Price:£59.44
You Save:£5.40
Price Disclaimer


#4 – Hownd Emergency wipes

Do not let your dog stink. Hownd wipes with antibacterial agents can be used to combat against poo, urine, grime and mud. It has an amazing fresh fragrance with oduor control and soothing aloe. It comes in jumbo size and super strong, one wipe will do the trick. Easy to pack when travelling or out hiking as it is pocket size is alcohol and paraben free hence safe for your dog.


Hownd Yup You Stink! Emergency Pet Wipes
List Price:£4.18
Price Disclaimer


  1. Sharples eye wipes

It is different from our emergency wipes, these are formulated with a gentle cleanser specifically for the eye area to keep it free of dirt and discharge. It is 100% natural ingredients. It is vet approved so you do not worry if it will have negative effects to your dog. It is non-toxic, it’s safe for puppies. With its recyclable packaging it is ecofriendly. Using these daily will keep your puppy healthy and reduce tear staining.




#5 – Enzymate Dog toothpaste

Most dogs need teeth cleaning often. Enzymate dog toothpaste is made for dogs and whats great about this the dog will want to brush as its poultry flavoured and has a finger brush . It helps control plaque and fight bad breath. It is formulated specifically for pets hence it is safe for your dog. It advances dental hygiene to a higher level. Avoid costly vet bills and unnecessary distress and illness for your dog in the future with this toothpaste.



#6 – Professional fresh shampoo

This shampoo has excellent cleaning power suitable for all dog coat types. The talc fragrance makes your pup smell great and when you have visitors around, your dog will not be smelling badly. It comes in a 250ml bottle with applicator lid for easy use. It dilutes at a ratio of 20:1 hence durable.


Groom Professional Baby Fresh Shampoo, 250 ml
List Price:£4.50
Price Disclaimer


Dog grooming can be an easy process if you follow the tips outlined. You will love the fresh shampoo as your dog smell fresh after bathing unlike before. Get several products and treat your dog to a superb grooming or spa if you like. Showing love to your dog can be in many ways and this is one of them. Go for it and make your dog grooming session fun.

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