The best 8 Dog crates you can bring home for your bestfriend

Do not burden yourself with the safety of your dog when traveling. Your canine friend needs space, comfort, security and a quiet place to relax or potty train. Buy them a crate and give them their space. Crates are highly portable and can easily be utilized for carrying your dog anywhere. Some people think dog crates are cruel as they are used as dog training tool but others think they are useful. In the market we have a variety of them hence it becomes difficult to choose. We have researched on the best dog crates that can suit your budget and style.

The essential features to look for when purchasing a crate for your furry best friend


You want comfortability and to keep your dog protected in its crate. Take its measurement to get the correct dimensions for your dog crate. You do not want a tight crate that is hurting your dog and make it squeeze inside. Give a little room in case it moves inside. Size matters as your dog will want to lie down, turn around, sleep and stand up without any discomfort.


Buy a crate that is easy to clean. Crates can be made of metal, hard molded plastic or nylons. Just ensure the one you buy is easy to wipe, you can remove all food particles while you are cleaning it. Most dog owners say cleaning metal crate is easy than plastic as oil stick easy on a plastic surface and takes a while to clean to ensure it is absolutely clean.


Wooden crates are unique but are heavy to carry along when traveling.

Plastic crates are travel-friendly but can suffocate your dog if ventilation is not enough in the cage.

Metal crates are the most preferred choice for many dog owners as they can be used indoors and outdoors. They are easy to clean. These days they are some that have divider panels, so it allows you to either increase or decreases the inside space. In this way, dog owners do not need to buy another cage when their puppy grows into a big dog. It is a perfect crate saves you money as it is a long-term investment.

Selecting a good crate can be an uphill task as a dog owner as you need to compare your dog measurement, interior space against the dimensions of the crate before buying.

These are our selected dog crates that are best in the market and will be ideal for your dog.

  1. AmazonBasics Folding Metal dog crate

Designed for puppies and small breed dogs. It is a safe, secure and affordable tool for potty training or behaviour training and can provide a comfy place to relax. Double door design for convenient front and side entry making it easy for your dog to come in and out. It has two slide bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security which will come in handy while traveling or leave your dog home for many hours. Easy to clean as it has removable composite plastic pan included. The optional divider panel allows you to increase and decrease the inside space for the perfect size for your dog as it grows up. Measures approximately 61x48x46cm L, W, H respectively. It is foldable and can be used when traveling.

  1. Bunny Business Metal dog crate

This crate features two doors for easy access or exit, cleaning and bed making as well as two slide bolts lock for your dog’s safety and security. It has an easy clean sliding tray which is simple to remove and folds flat for easy storage and transport hence will not trouble you when traveling. It comes with a free super frost pet bed made to fit for your furry friend and makes its space comfortable.

  1. Best for travel-Petsfit dog foldable crate

If you and your dog loves traveling frequently you might want to invest in a foldable, fabric crate for traveling, hiking, and outdoor activities to accommodate your dog. It provides a secure and private mobile home for your lovely is durable due to the simple twist action fold away design. It comes with a large patch pocket at the back for your dog treats and other essential which is a great convenience for you. It is upholstered with durable 600D fabric and features three mesh doors for easy access or exit, ventilation, and visibility. It comes with a free carrying bag and washable fleece bed so your dog is comfy on the road. Comes in different colours and sizes.

  1. Home wooden crate

If you are a wood lover and your dog is not a chewer you can complement your furniture and get a home wooden crate for your dog. This piece can double up as a table or crate for your best friend with its’ beautiful design. It is constructed of heave wood, a sustainable substitute for natural forest wood. It provides a cozy, private spot for your dog to sleep and relax. It does not come with a warranty and is available only in white colour hence you need to get a mat or blanket to keep the interior clean because of food spillage and water.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate, 29.25"
List Price:£69.01
Price Disclaimer

  1. Portable transport crate

Though a plastic dog crate may not be the most attractive option around, these crates offer privacy and are very secure. It is constructed from robust metal and plastic of high quality and a great choice for home use as well as travel. It has an oversized doorway for easy entry and the unique slid and snap assembly is quick and easy. It has heavy duty plastic shell and chromed wire doors for proper security. It comes with extras including food bowls, labels and carrying handles ideal for travel and outdoor activities. It might not accommodate dogs over 90 pounds hence not comfortable for large dog breeds.

  1. ProSelect Fab Dog Crate

Is your dog large? If your dog is the big weigh or large breed you will need this crate. It holds up against heavy chewers and powerful dogs. For a dog like this, a heavy duty crate is ideal. Something made from high strength, durable material with a high-quality construction. It can withstand any aggressive or destructive dog as it is extremely strong with its 20-gauge steel reinforcement 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. It has removable casters at the bottom of the crate to allow easy rolling to other location or you can remove them for added stability so your dog will be safe and stationed at one place.

  1. Ellie-Bo dog puppy Large Crate

Dogs are our loyal friend when we are going through storms, they are always by our side. We have embraced them in our homes as family members and we need to make them feel loved to fit in. Dog crates are ideal for this purpose and Ellie-Bo are usually preferred in housetraining and also for a space that is safe to offer relaxation spot when tired to our dogs. The 36” folding cage folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It has steel non-chew removable metal tray for easy cleaning. Has two sliding latch mechanisms on each door to secure the cage. It is suitable for breeds or similar size dogs like Airedale Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Chow Chow, Iris Water Spaniel, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Smooth Collie, English Bull Terrier, to name a few. It is easy to clean and travel-friendly. Review in Amazon shows the crate is one of a kind and most purchasers indicated it deserves a mention as a great product ideal for big dogs, clever dogs, timid dogs, puppies and calm dogs which settled very fast and loved it.

  1. Mid West Life stage crate

This crate is lighter, made of thinner wire and designed with a slightly looser grid and should remain secure for many years of dog ownership. Includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, carrying handle, rubber feet to protect floor and 1-year manufacturer warranty. It has a strong and sturdy structural metal crate design to keep your dog safe while you are away. It has a double door for ease of entry and exit for your dog. Can easily set up and fold in seconds and is ideal for pets 41 to 70 pounds as it measures 37Lx24.5Wx28H inches.

Dog crates are great for keeping your pup out of trouble when you are gone from home or just want to take a nap to relax. Providing your dog with a nice crate will give him/her a safe, comfortable space to rest and it gives you peace of mind knowing that he/she is not going to get into trouble when you are away. Having read this article the picks range from plastic, soft-sided, heavy duty crates to travel crates best of the best for you to choose. Crown your dog with a crate that will be functional, safe, comfortable and attractive and he/she will love to spend time in his/her personal space.

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