Add an extra blanket for your dog – our Top 11

During the cold seasons, we all add an extra blanket to our bed and the heater is on to keep everyone warm and comfortable. We take care of our babies ensuring they have warm clothing, jacket and winter clothes. Our dogs are also considered our babies hence get the best, a warm and luxurious blanket to keep them warm when the weather is chilly. To meet the raising demand of dog blankets, manufacturers have become creative to provide the best for our dogs.

As we embark on finding the best dog blanket we need to consider the following.

    • Cost

Cost can affect your judgement in choice. As much as a cheaper blanket is appealing it might not be of high quality and bottom line you want your dog comfortable. As you check your wallet put yourself in your dogs’ shoes and wonder if you would love the blanket you bought. Put your heart into it and make a choice with love, comfortability, long lasting and warmth aspect when getting the blanket. Not all expensive blankets are of high quality hence cost should not be a driving factor when purchasing.

    • Space

You have to buy a blanket that fit well in your dog sleeping area even when it turns in its sleep. You do not want to find your dog on the cold floor at night hence get a blanket that is suitable with your dog size in mind.

    • Material

When considering the material look at aspect like is it lightweight or thick, is it polyester or cotton? The material will determine if your pet will be warm during cold seasons.  For lightweight, consider if your dog likes dirt a lot you might need a blanket that can be washed often and dries quickly to provide a clean sleeping environment when the need arises.

    • Time

Are you flexible, are you a time bond person due to work? Consider time when getting the blanket as the type of blanket you choose will determine the time you spend on maintaining it. You need a dust, hair and waterproof blanket to save you this headache and trouble.

We have made a list of the 11 best dog blanket that you can choose from:

#1 – Animal Planet Sherpa Dog blanket

It is elegant and has a fashionable design making it stand out from the rest. If you come across a happy dog in the morning, it sure slept under an Animal Planet Sherpa blanket. It is made from an ultra-soft comfy material that is long lasting and provides a kingly touch for your dog during the cold season. The dog blanket helps to keep away dog hair from your sofa, bed, furniture, and car. It is easy to clean as it is machine washable and dries easily as the material is lightweight. It is the perfect blanket for dogs who are constantly cold. Keep it away from dogs who like chewing.

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#2 – Mambe dog blanket

After an exhausting day, the dog would appreciate a peaceful sleep and this will be achieved with a 100% Waterproof Mambe blanket which is comfortable and warm, unlike the ordinary pet blankets. With its soft, thick, classy and fashionable appearance, your dog will fall in love with it and forget to wake you when the alarm goes on. It has a high-quality waterproof material which is ideal when your dog urinates. It will not get soaked making it comfortable and warm all night long. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. It is machine washable the only disadvantage is it will need extra care when cleaning.


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#3 – Smart Pet Love Snuggle blanket

This brings the idea of a perfect dog blanket home. It has a beautiful design and colour and will help out in protecting your furniture, laundry, car seat from the pets’ hair and still keep it warm and comfortable. With these qualities, I would definitely settle for this. My dog loves its beauty sleep and just knowing the blanket is warm and soft assures me enough. It is perfect for small and medium dogs and cannot accommodate large dogs.

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#4 – Kritter World blanket

This is a blanket you can never regret purchasing your dog needs a light and warm blanket during cold nights. It is made of an ultra-soft plush material that keeps your dog safe from extremely cold seasons. It is machine washable, easy to clean and maintain. It can be used in your car, furniture and clothes to keep pet hair off.

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#5 – Expawlorer Dog blanket

Do you want your dog to get memorable dreams and enough sleep? Get the Expawlorer blanket for extra warmth which your dog deserves. The blanket will keep your furniture safe and secure from dirt and unwanted hair from your pet. It is very colourful, easy to maintain. It is lightweight and comfortable and dries quickly when washed. It is suitable for small dog breeds and puppies.

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#6 – Scruffs Pet Dog Snuggle Reversible blanket

This blanket looks so lovely. It has a soothing feel and has multi-option purpose for your dog. The Scruffs dog blanket is the perfect choice for you if your dog is a handful. This blanket is capable of gently warming your dog body temperature and keeping it in a constant position. Different dog owners have different needs for their dogs. Comfort is among the several blanket purposes and Scruffs blanket gives your dog that. It is ideal for indoor. The reversible design provides a soft, plush lining for cold snuggle days and a faux suede cover for warmer days keeping your dog happy every day.

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#7 – Pet blanket large for dogs

It is easy to carry, store and place as it is lightweight hence can be used indoor or outdoor. It is machine washable and dries so quickly, this dog blanket will provide your pet a warm and friendly touch which is a sign of love to them.  It has a fantastic ability to absorb any water so your pet will be dry and clean and warm showing it love. The pet blanket is soft and will provide for your puppy light sleeping cover in a more friendly way.


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#8 – Pawz Road Pet Dog Blanket

If you want your sofa to be free from hair always get the soft and warm blanket to keep the hair off furniture and beds. It is machine washable. It is a multipurpose blanket, can be used in their crate, on a dogs bed or while boarding. It is a high-quality blanket 100% double-sided velvet fabric made with the ultra-soft plush material making your dog is lightweight and helps build your dogs’ confidence. It comes in different sizes and colours as you want.

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#9 – Ginger waterproof Fleece dog blanket

Stood as among the best blanket for my dog with its qualities, 100% Waterproof Fleece dog blanket is awesome. It is designed with a soft and waterproof material to keep your dog warm overnight and in cold seasons. It stays puts as your dog turns it does not shift and bunch hence your dog will have a peaceful sleep. Waterproof protection for your bedding, furniture, carpet and car from dirt, mud, drool, pet hair, urine the list is endless. It is a multipurpose blanket best investment in protection that will save money and bring you peace of mind. It is perfect for as they have a dog guide for size consideration to get the perfect fit for your dog upon purchase.


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#10 – DII Bone Dog Blanket

As we change seasons every year your dog can now say goodbye to the cold night because of the DII dog blanket as it is the ultimate solution for incredible warmth. It is lightweight blanket that will keep your dog warm and comfy. It is durable and strong as it is made of a strong polyester material. If you love traveling this is a must-have companion perfect for your dog as it is designed for outdoor. It is easy to clean. It is machine washable and will have an easy time maintaining it.

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#11 – Pro Goleem Luxury Soft Warm Dog blanket

Comfortable an Warm as it is made of high-quality suede fabric and fleece fabric. The fluffy surface is soft and skin-friendly, which can bring a warm winter for your dog. Easy to remove the dirt, fur from and blanket thus saving you time. Suitable to be used on the sofa, pet bed, car and keep your room and vehicles clean all the time. Its reversible design makes the sherpa fleece side bring softness and warm while the suede side will be used for warmer days. Sherpa fleece made of super soft artificial lambswool plush with fantastic velour feel.

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From all the troubles I had during the chilly seasons with my dog yearly nowadays I ensure my dog is comfortable in warm and cold seasons. Loving your dog is shown by the proper care and prevention from cold when it sleeps and this is achieved with a perfect dog blanket. The best 100% Waterproof Fleece pet dog blanket scoops the first place with its unique qualities although all the rest are made of quality material. If you want your dog to be warm in the coldest seasons select from the above-listed blankets which are well designed to provide enough warmth for your dog.

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