The 15 best and most comfortable dog beds today

What Makes a Good Dog Bed?

Kiki came into my life 2 months ago and from the first time I set my eyes on her, she made me glow. She was adorable, furry and very jumpy. After my surgery, my doctor had recommended bed rest for 2 months for my ligament to heal. Ken my husband was always at work to provide for us as I had stopped going to work. It felt lonely staying at home the whole day without company. I needed a companion and one night I suggested to Ken to get me a puppy. That is how Kiki landed into our humble home. Life changed for me after her arrival, she would wake me up with whispers in my ears or jump on my bed. During the day she would snuggle around my legs or on the sofa as we watched TV.
With time she was used to staying with us on the bed and sofa and we thought it was time for her to get her own bed and space so we started shopping around. We wanted her to appreciate a place of her own, her bed, her space and sanctuary and allow us to have our sofa space again. You don’t have to be barking to want a stylish place for your pet to rest; pamper your pooch with our choice of the best dog beds around.

With a dog we had to think of issues to do with:

Fleas- as much as we loved our dog we knew it would be okay if she had her own bed as we did not want fleas in our bed. The dog was in and out of the house and sometimes accompanied me for a short walk around the neighbourhood.
Boss- also been in the same house it was time for the dog to know who the boss was, so it needed to know its’ place.
Disturbing your sleep- your dog might take most of your bed space and leave you to squeeze all night long. For this reason, your dog needs his/her own sleeping place to rest.
People have preferred bed for their dogs but the one Kiki loves best is Fur Paws Faux pet sofa and after much testing by far, our favourite. Some dogs are just mischievous in nature and can be bed eaters and although these beds are tough, no soft dog beds will stand a vicious chewer.
Consider these especially if your dog breed is a bed eater you can invest in a cheap bed for a start instead of a luxury bed which will be eaten up. We have beds for small, big and special conditioned dogs and several varieties to suit your wallet. Some are cheap and affordable, others luxurious and need a bit of investment for your dog comfy life.
Your dog will appreciate a place to call their own where it can snuggle up and sleep or just get away to make some noise.

When choosing a bed you need to consider various aspects.

    • Water proof dog beds

You do not want a bed that takes longer to dry as your dog will move back to your sofa or your bed again. Get a waterproof dog bed which will be easy to clean with a quick wipe.

    • Fancy dog beds.

Everyone loves fancy bed even our pets. For the ultimate poach pampering, a luxury dog deserves a luxury bed.

    • Elevated dog beds

Dogs with joint pains or who do not like cold floors this will be the ideal bed. It will keep your dog comfortable and warm.

    • Size matters

According to the size of your dog ensure the bed is a good fit, not too small and not too big, it should be the right size.

    • Inexpensive beds

As we were shopping around for the dog bed we came across some cheap ones, but sometimes cheap is expensive. They were beds of E2, 5 and 10 problem was the supplier would over promise and under deliver. Some oversea suppliers fail to deliver. Other pet owners are a victim of this but others were able to get their beds. You can try this if you want.

    • Flimsy and thin

Dogs are very playful and the dog tests the bed for destruction. If it does not stand the test of time and as a pet owner, I would want a long lasting bed which is not easily destroyed.

    • Wrong sizes

Manufacturers might not make them according to the sizes indicated. The bed might be shipped from an overseas seller and not be helpful for your medium sized dog but may be big enough for a hamster.
The cute beds always get to us.
Take the one that looks like a strawberry cute. It is a very popular dog bed the only issue is you will be extremely lucky if it is big enough for 2 guinea pigs.

The best dog beds on the market?

Reviews from dog owners say these beds below are the best and most dogs want them. It is a personal choice but you might want to consider the Memory Foam dog beds. These beds are good for dogs who have muscle and joint pains as the relief from pain are instant. Get a closer look and make a decision for yourself.

    1. Petfusion Memory Foam Dog bed for medium and large Dogs, Grey review

We are amazed by this dog bed. Reviews have shown that virtually every single person has had an incredible experience with this bed. The price tag might be a bit hefty but the dog bed is amazing. It is ideal for medium, Large or multiple smaller dogs and can easily hold 50+kg. It is easy to clean as the cover is removable and machine washable. It is simple to spot clean and remove hair. Premium component, it has a solid foam base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health for your dog. It is durable and has comfortable polyester. It has a smart design which provides optimal support and comfort due to its base and bolsters. Lastly, it is water resistant and tears resistant cover. If you are tired of the cheap dog beds that are not long lasting get this one for your dog as comfort is key, your pet deserves it.

    1. Wolfybeds Luxury Wraparound fleece dog bed size large review

This wolfybeds doughnut-shaped fleece bed makes your dog feel like they own the place. It will have a space of its own to snuggle up and hibernate for some quiet times in weeks. Wolfybeds make customized beds for your dog at an extra E8 or 16(one or two words) for some personalized touch. This service made me take one home as I wanted my dog to feel special. For more services on what they can offer click here.

    1. Snoozezy Orthopaedic Elevated Dog bed large, review

Snoozezy dog bed is comfortable for any dog especially those suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia, avoid always visiting your vet for joint pains, care for your dog and get this bed for it. It has steel frame suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is flea resistant. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is suitable for dogs up to 60 kg in weight. It is easy to clean. The snoozezy dog bed helps support the joints while taking the pressure off them.

    1. P & L superior Pet beds heavy-duty Oval waterproof Softee bed review

The cover of this dog bed is a heavy duty hard wearing 100% polyester waterproof material which makes it easy to clean. Your dog might love swimming and get dirty playing with the hosepipe water. This is the ideal bed as you can just brush off dirt and debris. When your dog is from playing and drops some dirt on its bed, with a wet cloth you can dry the surface up or tap to clear the bed. This bed is designed to keep your pet warm and comfortable as the high walls are filled with bonded Thermal polyester fibre to insulate your pet from the cold floor and keep it out of draughts. The thick cushion at the base is removable, it makes washing easy and also comes with different colours to choose from.


    1. Hobbydog dog house , Size 3, black with paws review

This dog house doubles up as a bed and it is well made. We love this hut as it is waterproof and dries very quickly, even without impregnation. It is made of thick nylon fabric and is zipped up on the roof which can be removed. It is made of cordura which does not leak and is abrasion resistant making your dog comfortable. Size 3 is a good size for many dogs such as staffies however it is advisable to go for a larger one because with time your dog is growing and you do not want your dog to struggle to get in. For dogs like Labradors we recommend you get (XXL) size and for small dogs (XL). Consider the inner dimension and whether your pet can comfortably move in and out and around. It is easy to wash with a simple wipe from a damp cloth.

    1. Similpelle dog bed /Sofa Artificial Leather review

It is handmade /artificial leather. If you want to keep your dog off your sofa get this bed and make your dog feel like you. It is easy to clean wipe with a damp cloth. It is durable as you do not wash you just wipe. It measures from 105x100cm to 70x50cm and the internal dimensions vary depending on the size you choose. The bed featured in the picture below is a medium size bed but a larger sized bed is also available for dogs like Dalmatians, German shepherds, great Dane etc.

    1. Fur paws –Faux Fur Pet Sofa Nice Pet settee

Fur pet sofa is very comfortable and affordable. It doubles up as a settee and a bed and inner material is high-grade foam. I love this bed. Fully washable, easy to dry and very warm as the cover is removable. Available in 3 sizes, very speedy delivery. It has a strong and comfortable material, quite a soft feel for your furry friend. The foam holds its shape extremely well making it superb for all size dogs, small to large as it measures 96x61x34cm large size and small 82x46x34cm and medium 96x46x34cm. It is UK manufactured and designed in-house.


    1. Songmics XXL Dog Bed Pet sofa review

This bed is good as it has high-quality PP cotton-it is neither hard nor soft which is good for your dog spine. Your dog will feel loved and cared for with this kind of bed. The whole bed has been designed with the dog’s comfort in mind. The edges are raised to ensure the dog feels safe and can give support to the dogs’ head. The entrance is lower to avoid the dog slipping when trying to get in. The base is covered with plastic drop anti-slip polyester cloth that is both moisture and cold resistant keeping your dog safe and warm. The bed is durable and fluffy, your dog will enjoy it. It is convenient to clean but cannot be washed by water, use a damp cloth to wipe it or brush of the hairs. It measures 120x85x30 cm PGW 30H and non-slip bottom 300×300 D Oxford cloth.

    1. Chester and wells Hampton Dog Bed review, Small, Black or Beige review

Woo now this is more like it. Saving the best for the last. Forget about the price. Chester looks like a fancy office chair in one of the big corporate offices. It is elegantly designed piece of art for your dog. You want your dog to have a prized possession which is comfortable luxurious and trusted brand? This is it from our survey it got a 5-star review and it is loved by both the dog and its owner. It is finished to the highest standards in faux leather. It comes in different sizes large, medium and small. Get one for your dog.

    1. FurHaven Nap Pet Bed review

The FurHaven Nap pet bed comes in a couple of colours and sizes. It is soft and egg-shaped, orthopaedic base pet bed soothes joints and pressure points. It is water-resistant base, wool used is soft on paws and muzzles. It has machine washable cover and can be zippered. It comes in large size, perfect for big bodied dogs.

    1. Ombre Swirl dog bed review

It is affordable and can be used as a stand-alone bed or fit into a large dog crate. It comes in different colour shades with a swirl pretty pattern. The bed has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is easy to maintain and machine washable.

    1. Padded Pet Bolster Dog bed review

This bed is covered with a soft fleece cover and has a comfy polyester cushion. This Bolster dog bed is ideal for dogs who are used to sleeping in a crate as it comes in these set floor sizes and has a comfortable raised rim around the edge for the dog head to rest against. It is machine washable and it is easy to clean.

    1. Midwest Quiet deluxe dog bed review

Worry not this bed is designed to be warm in winter and cool in summer. It will serve your puppy or dog well as it comes even in bigger sizes up to 48 inches long. It is machine washable and will provide a soft spongy place for your dog to have a rest.

    1. Dog Lounge by petfusion review

I am tempted to get a new bed for our dog Kiki, am sure she will love it. The Dog lounge looks amazing and has hundreds of positive reviews to back up its claims. The base consist of a four-inch memory foam mattress, this gives your dog comfort and support. With a non-skid bottom and anti-tear construction, it is durable. It is designed to support even the biggest Labrador if you own one.

    1. Knuffelwuff Alidho Cuddly Doghead review

The Alidho has all the dog requirements and hallmarks of a top-notch dog bed. This bed measures 80cmx80cmx30cm. It has the highest level of comfort for your dog. Removable cover is machine washable so it saves you time. It is extra fluffy and will ensure your dog is warm and comfortable. It is scratch proof and has an anti-slip underside keeping your dog safe. The inner side is cotton padded hence it easy to remove hairs from it keeping the bed clean. The inner pad can be flipped over for matching colour when you want change. It also comes in different sizes. Size (L) will suit medium sized dogs. If you want a bed for Labradors etc. then choose the (XXL) not currently available but you can review other knuffelwuff XXL beds here. This will allow them to stretch out in excitement and allow them to snuggle up in their luxury bed.

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