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Get a dog tag in case your dog goes walkies…

Just like in the office we are required to have a job tag for proper identification that is the same case for our dogs. When you take your dog outside your home or garden, you need to have an I.D tag attached to its collar or harness just in case it decides to go chase after the squirrels and you get separated. We have highlighted “rangersdog” preferred dog tags: from flashy, bold, metallic or sometimes simple and as a dog owner you can decide to have a personalized one that suits your taste.

    1. Personalized, Anodized Aluminium dog tag

This is perfect for a dog owner who loves colour and the dog loves attention. It is recommended for toy dog breeds. It can be customized and text put on both sides. Anodized and aluminium component used ensures colour retention and durability. Each pet ID tag ships with a stainless steel split ring and includes custom laser engravings. They come in different shapes and colours. They are popular buy making it a want to buy for upcoming prospective customers.

    1. Vcalabashor Dog tags

It has a beautiful paw design which will make your dog look classy. The paw is very shiny, cute and eye-catchy. It is rust resistant as it is made of stainless steel. Good for rainy days or for dogs who love water activities. The text is clear, long-lasting as it is engraved by laser light and will not become blurred. It is customised and you can write your personalized text. It is a big tag for medium and large dogs. If you want a smaller size for a puppy you can find more choices in Vcalabashor store.

    1. Laser Etched Glitter Paw Pet ID tag

It comes in 12 colours to choose from. Engraving by IO Tags. Tags are laser etched (permanent). It is stylish, beautiful and strong if you want your puppy to look elegant and funky. It has a hard clear epoxy coating on glitter face. It comes with a stainless steel split ring and will not rust. It is easy to order with step by step for customised one. It has a unique design and will make your dog feel like a queen/king.

    1. Personalised Engraved ID Pet Tags Glitter Paw

Are you a dog owner who loves engraved or vintage Pet Id tags? If yes, this should be your choice, it is more like it. Paw Design All our Pet Tags come complete with a split ring to attach to your pet’s collar! These are playful pet ID tags and are very light on your dog. The personalized text on the back is very clear as it is laser engraved, permanent and beautiful done on the polished mirror finished surface. It has several go-getter designs colours s you will be spoilt for choice. If you are adventurous, fun lover this is your kind of tag for your four-legged friend.

    1. Bone with Silencer Dog tag

It is durable as it is dog tested for the roughest play, waterproof and smell-resistant which holds up to the most active pet. It is stronger than aluminium tags and less prone to wear. Silences annoying tag jingle making it attractive to most dog walkers as it eliminates noise and extending the life of the tag. one fit for all making it ideal for various dog breeds. I bought the “bone with silencer tag” for my dog and so far am loving it as I’m able to walk my dog in peace. It is affordable and got a 5-star review on Amazon making it an awesome tag to have for your best friend.

    1. Go Tags Pawprint Pet ID tag

This is a popular choice for many as it has the plain traditional look. This stainless steel pet ID tag features an embossed paw print in a polished mirror finish surface. It is stylish and durable as it has laser engraved lines for personalized text which is easy to read and permanent. Simple to order as you have an option of customized or normal ID tag which is straightforward. If you love style get one of this.

Get one to match with your dog collar and you will never be worried, as your dog has now got proper identification and a good Samaritan will help him/her find their way home.



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