Get a simple fabulous lead to walk your four legged friend among our 8 classy leashes

Simple but fabulous dog leads

Do not feel out of control anymore with your furry friend. Relax and take a breather as the leash is the solution.  it gives you a sense of control of your dog especially when it is a distance away. That tag of war with your hand assures you the dog is nearby. You can easily play fetch at the park and when it is time to go home you can encourage your dog to follow you by coiling the lead.

These small gestures will help your dog understand your instructions better and constrain your dogs’ movement and behaviour while outdoor. The leash should be at least 6-foot long to keep your dog relaxed and comfortable.

Leashing help you set an example for other dog owners as it shows you are responsible for your dogs’ actions and safeguard your dog. The restriction on movement ensures your dog is at eye viewpoint and you are constantly observing their movement hence it will not injure itself or stray on the road especially during rush hours.

After getting a perfect dog collar it is now time to get a functional and fabulous lead to walking your dog around. The leashes are of different categories. Some work independently others are attached to the dog collar. When choosing a leash consider your dogs’ activities, what you like and what will be comfortable for your dog.

  1. Biothane dog leashes

  2. This leash is all weather all terrain, no maintenance required durability. It is extremely strong and comfortable for all day use. It provides an easy, secure grip even when wet. It stretches 10 Meter in Length and is a polymer coated leash making it waterproof and easy to rinse clean. It is light, will not rot and does not hold odour.


  3. Perri Padded Leather dog leash

  4. Perri dog leash would match very well if you have a leather dog collar and want to match. It is of high quality leather padded with soft lambs’ wool. It comes in various colours and can choose one that matches your dog collar for uniformity. Black leash has stainless steel hardware while brown leash has solid brass hardware. The choice is yours.

  5. Signature K9 Heavy Leather leash

  6. Just as the name suggests it is of high quality latigo leather and offers a lifetime of durability and strength. It has bevelled edges for all day hand comfort. It is used also by law enforcement and military grade professional training equipment as it is of high quality.

  7. Zippy Paws Climber Mountain Climbing rope dog leash

  8. It is great for large dogs, tensile strength of 1000lbs. Its woven design which is comfortable to hold. It has a sturdy leash made of real mountain climbing rope. Heavy duty snap hook for durability and comes in different colour. Its extra durable 17mm rope is thicker than ordinary rope leashes best for weighty dogs.

  9. Dog Leash-Extra heavy duty

  10. It is perfect for large, medium or strong small dogs. 100% pure Nylon ensure your leash will stay longer and is enhanced due to extra thickness. It has a soft padded handle for comfort and reduces injury to your hand when walking the dog especially if it is pulling hard and wriggling around. It is affordable and measures 6 foot. The reflective stitching provides you with adequate visibility and safety especially when walking your dog at night or early morning when visibility is dim. This dog leash can be incorporated well with the Led dog collar. It is a popular choice and comes in different colours.

  11. Blueberry pet dog leash

  12. It is made of nylon fabric with high density webbing to add durability. This leash is a single product but can match well with the blueberry dog collar. It is machine washed in cold water on gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. It has a classy style if you want something unique for your dog.

  13. The Mendota Slip dog lead

  14. British style slip lead is a leash and collar in one convenient design for walking and training your dog. it is waterproof, long lasting and easy to clean. It is adjustable to fit any neck size with the oil-tanned leather strap that controls the collar diameter. It is suitable for dogs weighing 50 to 250 pounds. It is good for trained dogs as untrained dogs can pull on the lead and tighten the noose chocking it.

  15. Blueberry Pet National Flags flame stitch or Rainbow designer dog leash

  16. In a mood for some adventures? Try this nautical flags inspired designer leash to make a big day for your active friends. I love the colour and just like the Blueberry pet 8 pattern geometric designer dog collar , this leash is a perfect fit for this collar even though they are sold separately. It is made of high quality density polyester, which imparts softness and durability to the product. Machine wash with similar colour items in cold water on gentle cycles and lay flat to dry.

Among the leashes am sure by now you have made your pick or picks and are browsing online to get one. Way to go dog lover, pimp your dog and keep him/her safe.

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