The 10 best and widely used puppy and mature dog collars

Missing dog! Do not be a victim, get a dog collar today.

One day while jogging my dog strayed away and could not find its’ way home. I spent 2 hours looking for it and got late to the office. Bottom line I did not find it by the time I was leaving for the office. My mind was unsettled at work wondering where my dog was, I missed my dog and was very worried.

After 3 hours my neighbour called me telling me she had found my dog in her backside crying and trying to jump over her fence to my side. I was so relieved and you should have seen me jumping and dancing in the office. This scare jolted my mind and I thought if I had a dog collar and leash this worry and heartache would have been avoided.

I thought because I had trained my Kiki to respond to my commands she would always come back, which she normally did apart from this particular morning when I had left my dog’s leash and collar in the car and now I know the importance. Dog collars are an essential accessory. I have decided to write on dog collars and look at different types of dog collar and leash for your best friend. I will give you advice and help you choose the right choice for your four-legged friend.

Dog collars are available for large breed dogs like Labradors Retrievers and small dogs like Chihuahua. The dog collars are essential as they hold the pet ID tag and are attached to its leash. Most states require your dog to have a tag with displaying details of the owner in case of wandering around or in trouble. It is an offence if this is not done and can lead to a hefty fine, especially in the USA and UK.

ID implants have been introduced in the UK and electronic scanner can easily identify the dog and owner. It is good practice for any dog in a public place to wear the name and address of the owner on the collar or have a nameplate attached to it for proper identification. Some dogs have wide neck hence it is important to measure your dog neck before you begin your search.

Here are the best and widely used collars to choose from:

Blueberry Puppy collar

You do not want to get a rough collar for your small puppy, it requires something softer, thinner and much lighter for his/her growing neck for support. Get easy to clip on and off collar which is mild and durable which is made of nylon fabric with high-density webbing. Try the Blueberry puppy collar. It can be used for any dog breed and come in a range of colours and design. You can match it with its colour leash and harness to complete the look. The buckles are made from eco-friendly plastic. Also, ensure you measure your dog carefully to make the right purchase.

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Nylon Dog Collar in Baby Pink, Neck 37cm-50cm, Medium, Collars for Dogs
List Price:£13.99
You Save:£4.00
Price Disclaimer
Ruffwear-Waterproof, Stink proof Reflective dog collar

If your dog loves swimming or playing in the rain or water this is the ideal dog collar as it is perfect for outdoor adventure. The coated webbing is waterproof, stink-proof and easy to clean hence the collar will not stink. It has bright colours with reflective trim that allow you to keep an eye on your dog even in dim light visibility environments. It has a simple ID attachment, a ring technology that allows you to easily add or remove tags from your dog collar. It is also available in 5 sizes and comes in different colours.

Perris Padded Leather dog collar

For the active and jumpy dogs, the likes of Labrador a leather dog collar would hold it in place. It has received a lot of positive review online find them here. Most dog owners love the sturdy, durable leather which is complemented by very soft lambskin inner padding taking care of the dogs’ neck. The dog cannot get hurt while wriggling around as the collar is attached. It comes in different colours from dark shades to light shades and keeps your dog looking awesome in a long time.

Rosewood Luxury Leather Dog collar

I love this collar as it is adjustable to fit the neck size comfortably. The manufacturer thought of the dog development in mind. It can be used when the dog is small and when it matures into a bigger dog. Bigger Labrador can move around with it without a fuss. It is made of leather and is available in black colour and stitched with vibrant colours giving it a luxurious and funky look. It is crafted with fine leather and decorative buttons making your dog look elegant.

Hamilton Creased Leather dog collar

Hamilton dog collar has an American look that is perfect for all breeds. The collar is stitched with strong weather resistant thread, edged and dyed beautifully, it will look pretty on your dog as well as be durable. It is simple and available in 12 to 26 inches measurements and is adjustable to keep your dog comfortable. Width size from 3/8,
1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. Coordinating leads are available in multiple widths and sizes in case you want your dog to be in uniform.

Chocolate and Cream designer luxury dog collar

As a lady, we sometimes love the best thing in life and might treat ourselves to a designer handbag or shoes. It is still the same case to our dogs and I love Chocolate and Cream designer luxury dog collar as it made it possible for my puppy. It is a great choice for any dog. It can be worn by Labradors and other breeds as it is soft, comfortable and stylish too. It is a designer dog collar with hounds tooth design to spoil your dog. I got one for my puppy and you can get one of too for yours. Length of the collar is 8-12in, 12-16 in, 16-20 in. Get to measure your dog for the correct size.

Blueberry Pet collar range

If you love a mix of colours and want to spot your dog from afar you should get the Blueberry pet collar. It is made of high-density polyester which imparts softness and durability to the product. The collar has a matching leash/ harness to complete the look but it is sold separately. I would recommend as a dog owner you get your dog all if you want it to look dressed up and attract attention. The buckles are made from eco-friendly plastic and metal D ring is nickel coded for added strength.

Dublin Dog All Style No Stink collar

This is a collar you can easily maintain. It is cleaned with warm water and will not harbour bacteria keeping your dog healthy. It is 100% waterproof hence your dog can indulge in water activities with no worry that the collar will rot and stink. It glides easily on dog’s coat without hurting it and comes in different colours to choose from.

Lupine 1-inch Turtle Reef Adjustable dog collar

Reef dog collar is available in a variety of fashion-inspired pattern. 1” wide is appropriate for medium and larger dogs. It has matching padded handle leads available hence one can get it to match. I love this collar it is guaranteed even when chewed, if you have a Labrador that loves chewing beds, leash and collar this will be a mind relaxing collar as it is replaceable.

LED dog collar

Just knowing I can walk my dog late safely, gives me great joy. Due to traffic getting home might be a hassle and as a dog owner, I would love to walk my dog daily despite the time. This bonding time with my dog and breathing the fresh air relaxes me hope it does for you too? Led dog collar has a reflective flashing collar, adjustable size light which assists to keep your dog visible and safe at night. It has a waterproof function and the collar can be used even on rainy days. It has an adjustable size and will cater for bigger dog breeds. When charged it can last for several long nights walks even in steady flashing mode; has 3 flash modes. This collar is easy to put on your dog and comfortable for him/her to wear. In summary, Easy to Use/Lightweight/Rechargeable and Weather Proof.

Make a pick today and do not be a victim of a missing dog post.

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